Keywords: gastroscopy

    Many hospitals are already practiced of painless gastroscopy or colonoscopy patients under anesthesia to do this check, you can reduce a lot of pain, and will greatly reduce patients delay treatment because of the fear of endoscopy or colonoscopy. Beijing Sixth Hospital the gastroscopy room doctor side Luti woke everyone, not everyone is suitable to to do gastroscopy check anesthesia more serious and high blood pressure in patients with serious heart disease and cerebrovascular disease are less suitable. Dr. Fang Lu said: “choose to do a gastroscopy or colonoscopy, patients must save his health status detail faithfully reflected to a doctor and ask the doctor to determine whether they are suitable to do in the case of general anesthesia, so check. ‘

    In the contact Dr. Fang patients, probably into endoscopy or colonoscopy should do but give up because of the fear of pain. Do gastroscopy examination by conventional methods, most patients feel more uncomfortable, as do endoscopy nausea, cough and other reactions. The diagnosis and treatment of some diseases by gastroscopy or colonoscopy, such as including the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, esophagus, including; determine if the tumor is malignant or benign, exclude some foreign matter. Painless gastroscopy or colonoscopy in the case of patients undergoing general anesthesia, endoscopy or colonoscopy extends into the patient’s body for examination or treatment, endoscopy usually takes less than 10 minutes time, colonoscopy requires 15-20 minutes. Of painless gastroscopy or colonoscopy biggest advantage is that patients do check without pain, anesthesia, the vast majority of patients woke up on the check does not have any feeling.

    Dr. Fang also reminded, not everyone is suitable for of painless gastroscopy or colonoscopy. Doctors with the corresponding proportion of the local anesthetic will be based on the patients height, weight, etc., check the end not to give the anesthetic, the patient will soon wake up. Just awakening may be top-heavy, dizziness and other symptoms, rest for a while, and generally will be able to return to normal. Those more serious and hypertension in patients with serious heart disease and cerebrovascular disease must be carefully chosen of painless gastroscopy or colonoscopy, because general anesthesia suppresses breathing give these patients some dangerous. Choose painless gastroscopy and colonoscopy, the patients must save his physical condition truthfully report to the doctor. In addition, if you feel to go to the hospital the day of examination or treatment may do of painless gastroscopy or colonoscopy, the best was accompanied, not a person to go.