Keywords: 3D scanner

    A 24-year-old British patients with intracerebral hemorrhage via a new 3D scanner checks immediately after surgery, which saved their lives. This scanner is used in the UK for the first time, it is manufactured by Siemens, including its only two similar products in Europe.

    The patient was taken to hospital after a cerebral angiogram is done, about to dye injected into the blood vessels of the brain, taking X-ray photographs. Traditional angiogram found no abnormal wearing special 3D glasses, but with the new scanner to see the images show that patients with small aneurysm in a blood vessel. Ruptured cerebral aneurysm can cause a stroke or even death.

    This scanner works: shoot the X-ray image of the arc of 360 degrees, doctors wear special glasses, can more clearly see the blood vessels in the brain.

    With the traditional image instrument can only see a one-dimensional image, because the entire object is a complicated network of blood vessels, and therefore had to be taken at different angles like.

    Now to take advantage of this new instrument, you can see a three-dimensional image rotation see the corner, you can immediately identify the kind of anomaly is true or false.

    If you do not take advantage of this 3D angiography of the above cases, it may not be immediately surgery, will one week and then check again delay time. This new imaging technology for detection and timely treatment of cerebral aneurysms is a remarkable progress.