Keywords: AIDS family prevention

    1, no targeted preventive measures (non-specific)

    (1) sexually transmitted prevention of sexually transmitted HIV transmission and AIDS a correct understanding be Jieshenziai, not sexual promiscuity, which is to prevent HIV is the simplest, most effective measures. Spouse infected with HIV, promoting safe sex, use a condom. The condom is useful shovel AIDS prevention measures. To promote the use of condoms, the infection rate of HIV in pregnant women in Uganda dropped by 21% in 1990 to 1993 to 15% in 1995, the Thai military HIV prevalence from 3.7% down to 2.4% in 1995.

    (2) prevention of a blood-borne blood for transfusion after HIV antibody detection. B. non-drug, drug trafficking. C. Hospital and epidemic prevention departments strictly sterilized disposable syringes or syringe should be used whenever possible. Acupuncture treatment using needles also subject to stringent disinfection. Health-care workers should be taken to avoid injury, needle stick injuries and other accidents, avoid direct contact with the patient’s blood, secretion.

    (3) prevention of mother-to-child transmission (1) of HIV-infected pregnant women should not. (2) In recent years, clinical practice found in the 3 months before delivery of the pregnant women given drugs to treat AIDS two azidothymidine, can prevent 70% of infants born to HIV-infected mothers with HIV.

    2 prevention measures targeted (specificity)

    Can make smallpox inoculations to the occurrence of the “disappeared", the inflammation of the quality of polio vaccination) … these are targeted prevention. However, because AIDS is easily mutate, or even in the same patient, the three viruses isolated in the six months are not the same. A vaccine can only withstand a virus is unable to control the ever-changing virus, thus making it difficult to get the vaccine have shovel.

    Is it possible to come up with an effective vaccine it? The following facts show that the development of an effective vaccine is possible:

    (1) a small number of prostitutes that sexual contact, often with people living with HIV, only finding out antibodies, and still can not find the virus, but can be found in specific cellular immune prove their vulnerability to the virus, and the virus has been cleared out.

    (2) were infected with HIV-2 HIV may be resistant to HIV-1 HIV.

    (3) a long-term (over 10 years) survivors of HIV infection.

    (4) at birth, the small number of children infected with HIV, but they later itself to clear the virus.

    (5) artificial variation monkey AIDS virus (SIV) infected monkeys can protect the attack SIV virulent strain.

    HIV infection should avoid the re-transmission of HIV.

    (1) have been infected with HIV, should have the courage to face reality, the infected person does not immediately incidence of death, therefore, patients do not despair, even despair. AIDS treatment has been a ray of hope.

    (2) To avoid re-infection of HIV and fly may avoid other bacteria, viruses, fungi and other infection, because many microorganisms activate latent HIV vivo.

    (3) to avoid transmitting the virus to others. Sex should use condoms. Do not donate blood. Do not become pregnant. HIV-positive pregnant women should abort the pregnancy. Syringes, razor, razor, toothbrush, etc. can not be shared with others. Timely, carefully disinfect items contaminated by blood, semen and other secretions.

    (4) should quit alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Lead a healthy regular life. Go to the hospital on a regular basis to make the necessary checks.

    HIV pollutants disinfection

    AIDS is very easy to kill, but once it enters the body, but nonetheless it may not. Thus strict disinfection Off.

    People living with HIV or AIDS, people usually will not shed virus, so its surrounding objects or the environment without special disinfection. One hundred items when their blood or body fluids should be carefully disinfected.

    (1) Disinfection

    Chlorine disinfectant sodium hypochlorite. Other chlorine disinfectants can also use. Disinfectant containing chlorine 500 ~ 5000/ppm, processing 10 to 30 minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection solution containing chlorine 10000/ppm can be used in the case of blood and body fluids of patients.

    Iodophor disinfectant for surface disinfection items. Effective iodine-containing to 50 ~ 150/ppm solution of 10 to 30 minutes.

    75% ethanol (alcohol) can be used for hand disinfection for 10 minutes.

    Glutaraldehyde used for sterilization of medical instruments.

    (2) thermal disinfection

    HIV for dry and sensitive to heat, under the conditions of 56 degrees Celsius, 30 minutes, or 100 degrees Celsius role (such as boiling) for 20 minutes to eliminate HIV.

    5, the prevention of the HIV-infected patients, the patient’s family

    In people living with HIV or AIDS, and will no doubt give the family much inconvenience. Understanding, compassion, help, and actively take some of the possible psychological suffering, but also help to ease the conflicts within the family.

    The investigation of a hospital in the United States report confirmed that there is no intercourse of family members of people living with HIV and AIDS patients to live together, but no examples. A similar report also stressed were living together, learning, employment, dining, social security.

    In general, AIDS patients with no concurrent infection without hospitalization. People living with HIV, such as discomfort, but also without hospitalization. To ensure safety, free to make the family was dyed, have yet to take the necessary precautions.

    (1) Do not have sexual contact with people living with AIDS or infected with. Sex life between husband and wife should be used to avoid sets.

    (2) AIDS patients infected secretions, excretions, blood and other contaminated items should be disinfected.

    (3) have trauma, skin diseases (including temperature and rash, dermatitis, etc.), it is best not to take care of patients or infected. The necessary contact stained them their secretions, excretions items to wear rubber gloves, direct contact should be timely disinfection of contaminated sites.

    (4) patients or infected clothing is not to be confused with his family clothing should be washed separately. Blood or excrement contaminated clothing should be disinfected, and then washed.

    (5) and patients infected sexual contacts should be regularly to the hospital for clinical and serological examination.

    (6) of the patients infected people suffer from mental disorders, can not maintain sanitation, refuse cooperation with their families, should be sent to hospital for treatment.

    6, several protective recommendations for HIV-infected mothers and children born

    (1) HIV-infected women, it is best not to have children.

    (2) not breastfeeding.

    (3) to seek early diagnosis, aggressive treatment of children infected with the HIV virus so.

    (4) in the three months before the birth application stack preventive drugs such as zidovudine (AZT) therapy, can reduce 70% of infants from HIV virus (HIV) infection.

    (5) does not accept dangerous (such as BCG) immunization, immunization will induce latent HIV active.

    (6) with the incidence of HIV is not the healthy children, in daily contact will not infect others, into the nursery or school. The incidence of children should be sent to hospital for treatment.

    Above, we have a list of all the preventive measures of AIDS, is not to say that each of us are facing the abyss of AIDS.