Keywords: AIDS

    The scientists pointed out, is still the only way to halt the spread of this disease in 10 years after the outbreak of the AIDS crisis, to take preventive measures.

    First, to strengthen publicity and education work, along with China’s opening up to China to give lectures, business meetings, travel, visit relatives, friends and foreigners, overseas Chinese endless stream. These visitors from the AIDS epidemic friends, I’m sorry, please show proof of its own is not a proof of AIDS patients or pathogen carriers. The same time, it is necessary to strengthen the AIDS knowledge of the hospitality sector of hotels, guest houses and other publicity, sex education and communist moral education, prevent those confused, self-esteem, not self-love of the people just for the sake of a small profit, the temptation of money, make some detrimental national dignity, personality thing. The same time, with the central activities to wipe out social evils, banned commercial sex workers, non-homosexual and extramarital adultery behavior. In recent years, commercial sex workers and then up, also the resurgence of the the gay this sickening anomalous behavior, will be re-spread ban of lax, AIDS will not only take advantage of the veteran venereal syphilis, gonorrhea.

    Secondly, we must put an end to the incidence of blood-borne, improve personal hygiene and disinfection and isolation work, so take many precautions, the AIDS virus will be homeless.

    The route of transmission of AIDS, sex life and the use of contaminated blood products. The AIDS virus is a circular retroviruses, consisting of two parts of the core and the shell. This virus is very unstable, dried and soon died. Experts have done this test: the liquid medium containing human blood products for HIV was heated to 56 ° C, 10 minutes after the virus killed. If the AIDS virus stored frozen at minus 70 ° C environment, its infectious disappeared. Of HIV 5 minutes in 0.2% calcium hypochlorite or 0.1% household bleach, as well as in a 0.5% of polychlorinated poly methanol disinfectant will die.

    Professional relationship, often calling on people around the world, especially to AIDS wild astonishingly foci often, for safety reasons, and usually must develop good personal hygiene habits. Must not sharing utensils, cups, toothbrushes, razors and other daily necessities, they often have used acid or 0.2% bleaching powder lotion soak utensils and potty, a spittoon. Clothing, blankets, bedspreads are regularly exposed to, or sterilized by boiling, before meals, preferably 0.2% over chloroacetic soak your hands for two minutes, and then wash your hands with soap and running water. Not sharing a bathtub to take a bath, take a bath, the best use of shower.