Keywords: Chinese medicine AIDS

    With the epidemic situation of HIV in China increasingly severe clinical treatment pressure is also growing, people look forward to from traditional Chinese medicine to find efficient, low toxicity, inexpensive drugs. Practice has proved that Chinese medicine treatment of AIDS did have some potential.

    Over the years, many hospitals and institutions in medicine treatment of AIDS has made gratifying achievements and experience. Some traditional Chinese medicine preparation has a unique role in the patients improve immunity, improve clinical symptoms, improve quality of life and prolong survival time. Academia, there are different views on the efficacy of these drugs has been. Some believe that Chinese medicine can improve immune function, but does not directly act on the virus, it is just an indirect role in the treatment, rather than treatment of AIDS; On the other hand, Chinese medicine treatment of AIDS and some efficacy of 80% to 90%, while Some compared with 40% to 50%. The main reason for the difference inconsistency on this understanding and efficacy, China is still a lack of efficacy of Chinese medicine treatment of AIDS criteria, we do not have a unified and standardized criteria that can be followed.

    Belong to different systems of medicine due to Chinese medicine and Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine are different in terms of mode of action, site of action and mechanism of action, it is completely in accordance with the evaluation criteria to measure Western medicine Chinese medicine is proper, further research is needed. Specific to AIDS, we found that after taking the medicine, the sites of action is clear, rapid changes of laboratory parameters of the patients (viral load), its therapeutic effect quickly from the laboratory will be reflected in Chinese medicine Compound , sites of action is not clear, it takes a long time before laboratory changes. Many patients after 3 months of treatment, CD4 cells have different levels rise, but in antiviral effect is not as good as Western medicine, the viral load is always at a certain level, the fluctuations of less than 0.5 log. Long observation of the patient, the result remains the same.

    In the the existing western medicine treatment of AIDS in the evaluation method, pay more attention to the changes in viral load, and less emphasis on changes in CD4 and clinical symptoms, which obviously does not apply to traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, foreign studies have shown that HIV-infected and AIDS patients after treatment, the increase in immune function, fine run factor secreted by immune cells (TH1, TH2) will also increase, especially IL-2, INF-γ increase was more pronounced increased immune cell function. Therefore, in traditional Chinese medicine treatment, the increase in CD4 cells secrete cytokines (IL-2, INF-γ, etc.), you can indirectly prove that the medicine can improve immune cell function.

    China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Chinese medicine treatment of AIDS since 1987, dispatched a team to Africa, Tanzania, the use of traditional Chinese medicine to treat HIV / AIDS patients observed over a decade, a total of admissions of patients of tens of thousands of people, which systematically over 400 cases efficacy summarize, achieved a 45% to 50% of the total efficiency, its therapeutic efficacy indicators of immune function and clinical signs, the increase in CD4 cells 40/mm as effective reach or exceed 400 / mm was markedly cases. Some patients with long-term immune function remained stable, while others first rose and then dropped down then up. Better judgment and intervention of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for a simple up or down, whether related, but some of the longer course of patients at different stages lift ups and downs of the complex, sometimes difficult to judge the efficacy determine whether intervention with drug-related. This also explains the need for a more complete set of efficacy evaluation customer is now standard, the more clear and uniform standards of efficacy of Chinese medicine.