Keywords: AIDS high-risk groups

    For all people, regardless of age, gender sensitive HIV also are infected with the AIDS virus.

    But closely related to HIV infection and human behavior. Therefore, populations with high-risk sexual behavior is more likely to be infected with HIV, these groups include:

    1, commercial sex and do not use any protection measures by mainly referring to is not the proper use of condoms;

    2, male homosexuals, especially not using any protection if the correct use of condoms.

    , Sexually transmitted infections, genital ulcers cause mucous membrane rupture, will increase the chance of HIV infection;

    4, people living with HIV or AIDS patients spouses, sexual partners;

    5 common among drug users in the use of needles among intravenous drug users;

    6 career selling blood crowd;

    7, the use of common sharp without strict disinfection, may cause skin damage and increase the chances of infection, such as shaving, tattoo, tattoo pattern eyeliner, piercings, etc.;

    8 received untested AIDS infected tissues, organs, semen, tissue and organ transplants or artificial insemination;

    9, transfusion of blood or blood products without detection of HIV illness;

    10, often diagnosis and treatment, the medical staff of the care of people with AIDS, especially previously contaminated virus sharps injuries to the skin;

    11 HIV-infected persons mothers of children born, especially breastfeeding.