Keywords: girls AIDS

    In the the rampant land on the piece of AIDS in Africa, young people infected with sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS is a serious problem. Even more disturbing is that the infection rate of young girls much more than boys of the same age, for example, the Zambian girls to HIV infection rate has been as high as 16%, only 1% age boys.

    From the female body structure and physiological conditions, women are more likely than men infected with sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS.

    Female vagina and cervix surface coverage is a layer of mucous membrane, mucosal resistance to bacteria, viruses surface coverage than male penis skin weak. Semen with bacteria, viruses and other contact with the female cervix, vagina after could transmit the disease. Vagina and cervix of young women’s ability to resist disease than adult women worse. Girls engage in sexual activity, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS dangerous than adult women.

    Risk of unwanted teenage pregnancy, whether to accept abortion or end childbearing, the occurrence of other abnormal problems (such as uterine damage, hemorrhage, pregnancy-induced hypertension, premature birth, and even pregnancy death, etc.) than adult women. And after the birth of a child, the girls often have to directly bear the children all the consequences, including the economic burden and social discrimination. China’s family planning policies and regulations, and this child is not like other children registered account, so they will face many embarrassing issues such as nursery, school.

    In addition, the girls have to face their own social problems. If the girls are often forced prematurely into society. Lack of social experience, they still do not understand how to protect themselves, their socio-psychological knowledge and life skills, and also far unable to cope with the complex social and emotional problems. The girls, especially young girls away from home, they often need to seek protection in order to get a sense of security, some girls also easy to be sweetness and slightly confused by the material interests. Term foreign “candy Daddy" (Sugar Dad dy) say that older men with small gifts, money or other benefits to lure young girls to engage in sexual activity phenomenon.

    In general, girls in assuming sexual consequences are short-term and long-term physical injuries and mental stress more than men. Therefore, the girls must understand their own psychological weaknesses, understand how to be responsible for yourself, and actively learn about the nature of knowledge, learning how to protect their own skills, these are very important.