Keywords: the cerebral infarction hand functional recovery exercise

    Functional recovery of patients with cerebral infarction hand can grip and fine motor activities through training fingers, fingers grasping ability of clinical training activities of the project a lot, almost all the action in daily life are associated with the operation of the hand relationship.

    Choose from a variety of specifications dowel or pencil in my hand and down or backwards flip, help to improve the dexterity of the hand. In addition, children’s toy sets for sale on the market, contain hand pinch, plug, pull, twist, turn, and many other functions, must have therapeutic implications. Chess, poker, mahjong and other activities, the role of both entertainment and training the fingers of coarse, fine, large, small, square, round, with different specifications, good opportunity to grip objects of different shapes. When necessary, according to the grip level of the patient, the shape of the pieces of the to be adjusted, a number of small hooks fixed on the pieces or small bag.

    Other features of patients with cerebral infarction of recovery exercise

    Sequelae of cerebral infarction, cerebral infarction sequela rehabilitation sequelae of cerebral infarction is irreversible pathological changes caused by cerebral ischemia. Sequelae of cerebral infarction is a high incidence and high mortality, high morbidity, recurrence rate, after the acute phase of a cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral ischemic malacia formed (or thrombus) oppression cranial nerve, resulting in paralysis or hemiplegia. The common clinical hemiplegia, Kouyanwaixie, slurred speech, mouth drooling, swollen limbs, numbness, pain, cold, bedridden, aphasia, dementia, drinking water, choking, difficulty swallowing, incontinence and other symptoms. This disease once the storm dyeing, permanently, to society, families bring long-term pain and distress. Rehabilitation and feasible acupuncture, doing physical therapy. More importantly, must someone under the protection, rehabilitation, sports training of the hands and feet every day. Such as left-handed exercises fist, extensor, flexor …… training left hand to pick up the soybeans, grasping poker side teacup, wring the towel, buckle buttoned prolonged standing exercises feet. Able to stand firm, to practice standing on one leg, level walking;, plus training lowlands walking up and down stairs. The training should be gradual and can gradually increase the amount of exercise, but every time should not be too tired, if any, chest tightness, headache should pause. Rehabilitation exercises to persevere, to keep training with the treatment. Also designed a rehabilitation exercise, has been produced on CD-ROM, welcome patients sent details of rehabilitation training in medication while.