Keywords: food dysphagia cerebral infarction

    Recently, Ms. Wang found swallowing food difficult to Jin was admitted to a hospital after diagnosis of brainstem infarction status. Timely treatment by a doctor, the disease gradually ease.

    According to Jin was admitted to a hospital cadres ward Director Wu Xiuping, difficulty swallowing chewing food after oral oropharynx into the esophagus, into the stomach from the esophagus obstacles after eating feeling to eat pharynx do not go, and chest hair blocking, severe food can not enter the esophagus can only stay in the pharynx or only a liquid diet such as water or juice.

    Director Wu introduced three situations can cause swallowing difficulties: First of benign and malignant diseases of the esophagus itself as the esophagus. Secondly, in clinical practice due to cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebral infarction, Parkinson’s disease, senile dementia can cause difficulty swallowing. In addition, severe reflux esophagitis can cause difficulty swallowing.

    Director Wu introduced, in recent years, due to increased incidence of cerebrovascular disease, dysphagia up. When a normal case unless too hasty and excessive eating above signs, such as swallowing disorders should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, to do by a doctor to determine which tests such as esophageal barium meal or gastroscopy, according to the cause and then select the appropriate treatment programs. Especially the elderly, should be early to the hospital to see a doctor, early diagnosis, early treatment is very important.