Keywords: AIDS Diet therapy

    HIV (AIDS) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The disease can easily spread, the highest mortality rate, the eyes of the world turn pale at the mention of a difficult diseases. Since the United States after the first case reported in 1979, the incidence has reached millions of people, and spread to countries around the world.

    From Chinese traditional medicine, AIDS case the Volt temperature fever range, due to warm toxicity evil violation camp blood. So long incubation period, the incidence of sudden acute see high fever, rash, and a variety of bleeding; the tongue thick white or yellow and greasy or cracks yellow rough; pulse breakdown or flood real and effective; unexplained systemic lymph nodes . Long course of AIDS, post often due to lack of righteousness against evil, weakness, pathogen competition between yin and yang, blood and viscera function decline, DLS, transport and loss of health, or spleen deficiency, kidney yin deficiency, loss of essence and blood, qi and blood deficiency, it appears the loss of appetite, pale the hemifacial boring loss of profit without Rong, coughing, shortness of breath, palpitations, lassitude, loose stools urinate less symptoms. Because of AIDS by the volts temperatures poison of evil, each easy to burn the body fluid loss Yin-chun qi stagnation, blood stasis phlegm transimpedance the situation due to the vacuity final righteousness decline, failure of the five internal organs, blood sex fluid body fluid , yin and yang from decision (death), ending.

    Effects of drugs not yet found a cure for AIDS. Author from the treasure house of Chinese medicine continue to explore effective accumulation of bits and pieces Diet therapy, for now introduce several colleagues for reference at home and abroad, do not prevent a try how? 

    Participation rhino dragon steamed pork 

    Ingredients: fresh lean pork 150g black Scrophulariaceae 24g, rhinoceros horn 1.5-3g, ground dragon dry 24g, purple grass 12g moutan 9g large white peony root 12g, honeysuckle 9g the the forsythia shell 9g, dandelion 15g, Mountain Gardenia 9g, dried rehmannia root 15R, Black protracted beans 30g, the short bamboo 9g, the Ophiopogon 12g, the trichosanthin 24g, the silkworm 9g, red medlar 15g, water fat white fungus 30g light blue two delicious soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, salt, TCS a small amount of honey each.

    Method: first Lithospermum, of paeonol, white peony root, honeysuckle, forsythia, dandelions, mountain gardenia, bamboo leaves, Ophiopogon, silkworm, add some water, decoction 2 times, 40 minutes each time fried with ) contention gauze filter large bowl spare take liquid. Wash the pig meat) the Yin and drain, cut into diagonal slices into the ceramics tank, adding Scrophularia, Dragon of dry, raw land, verifying the beans, TCS, wolfberry, white fungus, light blue, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, salt, add water amount, pour the the above liquid medicine; again into the drawer cage to two hours a ripe tasty steamed, stir, cover and remove the mortgage, topped with honey 15ml; the rhino horn is ground into a powder, poured into the can for food with medicated soup mix thoroughly . Per dose 3 times service, soup to remove the meat and the dregs. 3 for a course of treatment.  
    : Qingrejiedu Qingying Liangxue, Pingganxifeng, Yin Sheng Jin.  

    Indications: feeling the Volt gas plague heat evil, the heat toxin Chi even violations of camp blood, reverse trap pericardium, within dynamic liver wind, Xie Sheng is bad, true yin depletion burns due to liver and kidney yin chun AIDS. Its Zheng Jian high fever subside coma delirium, unconsciousness, convulsions, dizziness, mouth dry, want to drink cold material, spit bleed at the nose, spotted dark purple color, noise mad, upset, Yaotuisuanruan dizziness ringing in the ears, more sweat, urinate red deficient, large easy to dry or constipation, tongue drop red yellow fur rough, dry cracks, the pulse breakdown loud weakness.  

    The Shenqi complement the Gu Zheng beef  

    Ingredients: Beef 300g sun ginseng 122g, Sunburn Astragalus 24g, Poria 12g, the bleaching technique 15g, psoralen 9g cooked Aconite 9g, black Eucommia 15g, Faerie askance 15g, Chinese yam 30g, 24g of white beans, lotus seeds and meat 24g , the dandelion 15g, amomum 3g, jujube 15, water hair mushrooms 60g, salt, soy sauce, MSG, sugar, light blue small amount. 
    Method: Wash and drain the beef, cut into diagonal slices spare. First Astragalus, Atractylodes, psoralen, cooked tuber, Epimedium, dandelion, Amomum loaded; indisputable the gauze medicine bag, tie the bag and put it into the ceramic tank, added ginseng, beef, Poria Serve for Eucommia, yams, lentils, meat, seeds, red dates, mushrooms, salt, soy sauce, light blue, MSG, sugar, some water, and put nearly drawer cages stir steamed to 2 small ripe tasty removed Uncovery food. 
    : Warming spleen, Qi and spleen, righting the Fight Against AIDS. 

    Indications: AIDS in the late righteousness weakness, lack of vitality, the inability of the anti-AIDS epidemic evil, violations of the coke, spleen and kidney failure, transport and dereliction of duty, due to toxin residues pale complexion, body weight loss, shortness of breath, the body of weakness, Shenpi malaise, sweating, significantly diminished appetite, the epigastric swelling nausea hi, aversion to cold, dizziness, cold lumbar acid, hi lying high and sometimes low fever, recurrent episodes, accompanied by polyuria or vector ban fine, impotence, menstrual disorders or amenorrhea, loose stool, tongue talk white body fat, white fur or scalloped India, pulse Shen Shen Chi.
    Shenlong steamed pork liver 
    Ingredients: pork liver 210g, ginseng 6g, 24g of Polygonatum longan meat 15g, full Angelica 9g large white peony root 9g, Rehmannia 15g, in Atractylodes 12g, Poria 9g, Chinese yam 24g, medlar 15g, moutan 9g, Lithospermum 9g, the Health Zhigancao (half and half) 6g water redness mushrooms 60g, salt, MSG, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, a small amount.  
    Method: The first liver Wash and drain, cut into diagonal slices do not wash stand. Angelica, white peony, Atractylodes, Dan, comfrey, licorice, into the net gauze medicine bag, tie the bag; into the ceramics tank, added Huang Jing, ginseng, Rehmannia, Poria, Chinese yam, liver, wolfberry, longan, red mushrooms, salt, MSG, soy sauce, sugar, and some water; before being placed in the drawer cage to two hours a ripe tasty steamed, stir, cover and remove the mortgage, topped with sesame oil Serve for food. 
    Functions: Dabu strength, double up blood, cooling blood detoxification.
     
    Indications: AIDS disease for a long time consumption deficit Genki want off righteousness, blood debilitating weakness against evil the toxic heat over evil is not the net result of this virtual-based standard real and folders. Therefore, shellfish, low-grade fever repeatedly touching, dizziness, palpitations, upset, insomnia, pale of face lip shortness of breath, mental fatigue, spontaneous perspiration or sweating limb soft Xingshou, the abdominal tip swelling, nausea, drum press is comfortable, know drink not food or know that the food is not the Garden of Hope, skin purpura, month after little or amenorrhea or inverse by loose stool, yellow urine, pale tongue, greasy moss body fat great scalloped pulse breakdown or fine-stricken .  

    Qi Bo   steamed duck

    Ingredients: water duck an approximately 600g, medlar 15g, Cork 9g, Anemarrhena fat 12g, Ligustrum lucidum 15g, 12g Loranthaceae Dodder 15g, the drought prostrata 12g, American ginseng 9g raw turtle shell 24g, protracted beans 24g, pregnant 3 yam 30g, dandelion 15g, honeysuckle 9g, water-fat white fungus 30g, light blue, delicious soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, honey, sesame oil, a small amount.

    Method: first after water duck slaughter, faded net Yamao chopping off the claws, intestinal mixed sectional duck belly to stay heart liver and kidney, wash) contention drain. Loaded) of Cork, Anemarrhena, Ligustrum lucidum, mistletoe, dodder, Eclipta, dandelion, honeysuckle contention gauze medicine bag, tie the bag; into the ceramics tank, adding water duck, medlar, ocean parameters, steady beans, turtle shell, yam, light blue, white fungus, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, the amount of water; then baked in the drawer cage to two hours a ripe tasty steamed, stir, cover and remove the mortgage, topped with honey 20 ml of topped The sesame oil projects mouth as for food.  
    : Kidney and Liver, Shigemi 涵 wood, Qi Sheng Jin, Zuo clearing heat and detoxification. 
    Indications: AIDS in the late righteousness depletion, lack of vitality, anti-evil weakness HIV toxic heat over evil is not net, sick for a long time loss, liver and kidney, the water is not Han wood, two losses due to gas-chun, afternoon fever, or night heat early cool, hot back no sweat, repeatedly touching seizures, dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, night sweats, dry mouth and throat, lower blood pressure, looking haggard, two zygomatic Nenhong, numbness, Zhao Jia dry and brittle fracture, poor sleep, waist knees and knees, short yellow urine, stool incomprehensible, month after little or amenorrhea, the man dreams vent spermatorrhea the tongue drop the red moss crack no-chun, pulse fine a few strings. 

     but it is worth noting that: produce more side effects or toxicity out of view of the clinical manifestations of syndrome group where people with AIDS by chemical drugs or radiation therapy, may be taking more than medicated subtraction with the card according to the severity With the amount of certificates addition, such a meal in order to receive a significant effect.