Keywords: prevention of cerebral infarction

        Usual to patients with hypertension, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, emotional instability, anxiety, memory loss, numbness of the limbs, transient aphasia, mistaken for high blood pressure or cervical spondylosis performance. As medical medical science and technology development, high-resolution CT and magnetic resonance imaging in clinical use, found that hypertensive patients appear above the performance of approximately 16% to 32% of patients with lacunar infarcts.

    The clinical is now confirmed that high blood pressure is one of the most dangerous factors of lacunar infarction. Patients if not treated in time, the general will lead to damage of the heart, brain and blood vessels, and aggravate the development of atherosclerosis better its pathogenesis is that: to the middle-aged, due to changes in the machine (such as red blood cells deformability, platelet aggregation force enhancements, increased blood viscosity, dyslipidemia change), the blood is hypercoagulable state, the blood flow slowed down, resulting in a decrease in cerebral blood flow. In cerebral atherosclerosis based on lacunar infarction associated with hypertension, occurs.

    Lacunar infarction, 15 to 20 mm in diameter, fresh or the old deep brain infarction. Damaged blood vessels of the middle cerebral artery and the basilar artery deep perforating branches, often occur in the basal ganglia, thalamus, internal capsule, pons, basal ganglia and white matter, and other parts, often confused with symptoms of high blood pressure, CT and MRI can be used to confirm the diagnosis.

    Middle age, disease, the majority of long-term history of hypertension, it is called hypertension lacunar attack caused by hypertension tiny artery lesions, but also seen in patients with normal blood pressure. Clinical manifestations: 1. Pure sensory stroke; pure motor stroke; Masonic hemiparesis change tonality; dysarthria – clumsy hand syndrome; 5. Lacunar state.

    Diagnosis: clinical diagnosis of lacunar infarction according to the following points: 1. Before the onset (usually before the onset within 48h) is almost always transient ischemic attack, and some even attack several times. After the onset of clinical neurological signs isolated nature. The illness often progressive, formed in a few hours or a few days. Almost all cases the headache and disturbance of consciousness, all patients with neurological symptoms and signs, almost all can be fully restored. Small artery lesions infringement, cerebral angiography without exception; CSF examination the isotope scan X-ray and computer off scan showed no abnormality. 6. Lacunar infarction diagnosed pathological examination can find cavities.

    Lacunar infarction patients, the short-term treatment is entirely possible rehabilitation. First, should actively prevent and control high blood pressure, people over the age of 40 should be regularly measured blood pressure, for early detection and early treatment. Found that high blood pressure should be checked regularly to the heart, blood vessels, retinal and lipids, and dynamically observe the changes of hemorheology. Daily life avoid emotional fatigue, to satiation Baoyin and constipation. In addition, it should be a quiet rest, and selection of rutin, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, dipyridamole, enteric-coated aspirin, venoruton, nimodipine, Brain Essentials piperazine, piracetam, West Billings and other drugs. The choice of Chinese medicine Salvia, Chuanxiong.