Keywords: cerebral infarction needs anti-relapse

        Patients Sex: Male patient’s age: 65

        ● Detailed conditions and consultation purposes: a good doctor, my father left in 2000 after cerebral infarction sequelae of hemiplegia, also uncovers gallstones. I would like to inquire about the need to take drugs to prevent stroke recurrence, long-term medication will have side effects. Previously been eating Naoxintong step. “Thank you, doctor

        ● The incidence and duration: 2000 stroke

        ● general: Other Fortunately, some constipation, get up in the morning there will be sputum; physical strength is not good. About blood pressure 70,110

        ● history: 1995, 2000 slight MI, stroke

        A: multifaceted comprehensive regulation.

        Focuses on the prevention of blood pressure fluctuations, and to pay more attention to some dietary factors that may cause atherosclerosis. Need to take aspirin and other preventive drugs, shall be subject to the checks after under the guidance of a doctor taking drugs. To pay attention to the problem of your father constipation, avoid excessive straining at stool and adverse consequences.