Keywords: AIDS

    Society as a whole to promote AIDS prevention science knowledge, is one of the important measures to prevent and control the spread of AIDS and pop. In order to provide important and accurate knowledge and information to the public, the Ministry of Health in October 1998, compiled and distributed a “publicity and education on AIDS prevention knowledge points 10 basic knowledge of the prevention and control of AIDS, one of the most important content.

    (1) AIDS is a serious infectious disease with a high mortality rate, there is no cure drugs and methods, but can be prevented;

    (2) AIDS is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, blood and mother-to-child transmitted in three ways;

    (3) will not be infected with HIV and AIDS patients and HIV-infected person’s daily life and work contact;

    (4) tried to stay, to comply with sexual morality is a fundamental measure to prevent sexual transmission of HIV;

    (5) proper use of condoms not only contraception, but also to reduce the HIV infection, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases;

    (6) early treatment and cure sexually transmitted diseases can reduce the risk of HIV infection;

    (7) syringe sharing drug is an important way to the spread of AIDS, to refuse drugs, cherish life;

    (8) to avoid unnecessary blood transfusion and injection, avoid use without HIV antibody testing of blood and blood products;

    (9) care, help and do not discriminate against AIDS patients and HIV-infected persons are important aspects of the prevention and control of AIDS;

    (10) AIDS threatens everyone and every family, and the prevention of AIDS is the responsibility of the whole society.