Keywords: AIDS blood-borne

        (1) absolutely can not experiment with drugs, the existing addiction must immediately drug treatment, because intravenous drug use is the most prone to HIV infection, while the addicts very easy to accept drug addicts through intravenous drug way.

        (2) must accept blood transfusions, the advance is to understand the source of blood is safe. When the patient himself can not do so, the family must pay attention to understand the situation.

        (3) do not themselves brought back from abroad, blood products, injection of blood products may or may not.

        (4) to participate in blood donation, do not sell blood, but not to the illegal underground blood collection point to sell blood.

        (5) to understand their children receiving immunization injections, does it make a person a needle a. Whether nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools should be attention. To inform sensible children, refused to accept the number of people sharing a syringe or needle vaccination.

        (6) to go to the hospital or clinic for extraction or other oral therapy, injections, acupuncture treatment, must be aware of the medical institutions to seriously implement disinfection measures. For strict disinfection treatment or examination (endoscopy) should be rejected.

        (7) can not medication injections, either subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous injection should be avoided.

        (8) no disinfection is not strictly the barber shop, beauty salon to get a haircut or beauty. Barber, beauty tools, needles and syringes if not sterilized or disinfected imprecise, there are likely to shave, body piercing, tattoo when the spread of the AIDS virus.

        (9) The the pedicure baths knife must be disinfected, or may also be caused by HIV infection. The temperature and humidity in the bathroom are suitable for a pedicure knife stained with the blood of the AIDS virus survival.

        (10) electric razor, razor do not borrow each shave, shaving often cause cheek minor skin abrasions. People are often not aware of such a small injury, but you try after in Guawan face with soap and water coated face will feel varying degrees of skin irritation, which means that there are epidermal damage.

        (11) toothbrush must each their own for personal use. Bleeding when brushing phenomenon often happens, gingivitis, bleeding, and so can not be shared.

        (12) Do not tattoo. Tattoo needle broke the skin may cause HIV infection.

        (13) ambulance bleeding wounded, to try to prevent the blood directly contaminated their skin, especially tetanus skin occurs more attention should be paid in their own body. Clothes, plastic sheets to separate the wounded.

        (14) services for people living with HIV or AIDS, doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, to prevent scalpel injection needle injury of their own skin.

        (15) in a violent collision sport skin damage caused by the bleeding, you should understand each other have been infected with the AIDS virus.

        (16) Do not fight fight. The two sides fighting and bloodshed is inevitable, may cause HIV infection.