Keywords: HIV antigen-antibody

        HIV violations on human TH cells of the immune system lymphocytes, defects cause immune capacity, most of the final patient clinical symptoms of late infection performance; specific antigens and antibodies of the virus itself, both the growth and decline may indicate a disease in which the state, while guiding the diagnosis of clinical stage.

        Once identified antigen-positive, have been infected with the AIDS virus, which contains two layers of meaning or tend to represent two different stages of infection: If a large amount of the virus infection by the AIDS virus carriers, viruses reproductive TH lymphocytes volume larger, although at this time is in the incubation period of the infection, check HIV antigen in serum, carriers of the AIDS virus was first discovered, it can be used as the basis for early diagnosis, on the other hand, with the virus passage of time, as the antigen of the AIDS virus continue to stimulate the body to produce antibodies, when antibodies produced large enough to completely neutralized and an antigen, the antigen in the body’s blood is finding out, to the latency end, the replication of the virus increased significantly, also accelerated the speed at this time serum HIV antigen again, corresponding to the level of TH lymphocytes in vivo performance significantly decreased, which often indicate the latency of HIV the terminal, AIDS imminent the whole process of the disease late.

        The AIDS antibody production time, often began 4-12 weeks after HIV infection, not the infection early and “window" period (viral antigens disappear, but the antibody has not yet appeared in a blank period), but the incubation period refers to sign. If found HIV-positive persons’ shall be deemed to people living with HIV.