Keywords: AIDS skin

         The AIDS virus can suppress the immune system, leading to the infection of the skin such as herpes, warts, and fungal samples. According to American Medical Center Dermatology Professor Kang is a special, lower in the patient’s body weight, fatigue and other symptoms months before the skin signs occur.

    Observed by further studies, the researchers found that a variety of serious and stubborn skin lesions can act as the signs of early identification of HIV infection. Contact with people infected with the AIDS virus, the body appears related antibodies. The study revealed that this antibody following a number of skin lesions per capita:

    (1) herpes simplex blisters around the rectum and anus, found the newborn in the hands, feet and long beards parts warts.

    (2) foot phenomenon of serious fungal infections.

    (3) skin inflammation, redness, blisters, accompanied by pustular disease and other bacterial infections of the skin, the typical performance of a porphyritic tiny blisters around the mouth and nose.

    (4) in the armpits and other parts of folliculitis.

    (5) severe seborrheic dermatitis on the face, scalp and body skin serious oil scaly.

    (6) serious xeroderma or young people suddenly appeared similar to the skin of the elderly.

    Must be particularly pointed out that, although the experts pointed out that the skin disease is the early signs of HIV infection, but their conditions may have contact with infected patients should. These may include input suspicious blood recently, the use of unknown origin imported biological products globulin, or has a history of gay and contacts of AIDS patients. If these sudden above skin lesions issues, it is necessary to do further laboratory tests, to make a clear diagnosis.