Keywords: Initial symptoms of AIDS

        There are a considerable number of people infected with HIV, within a decade-long no obvious symptoms. But blood, semen, or contain viruses. During dangerous activities, will transmit the virus to sexual partners. So there is no infection symptoms do not necessarily have not received.

    The following are the initial symptoms and the incidence of some HIV infection. These symptoms usually 2-4 weeks after infection. Average in the six weeks to three months after infection can be confirmed by a blood test. So if you have recently had a few of the symptoms of the dangerous activities and which, be sure your doctor: 1. Continuous low-grade fever (93%) 2. Fatigue (90%) 3. Unexplained laryngitis (70%) 4. Weight a sudden drop in more than 10% (70%) 5. headache (60%) 6. nausea (60%) 7. muscle and joint pain (60%) 8 night sweats (50%) 9. persistent diarrhea (50%) 10 rash (40%).