Keywords: AIDS staging
        Long incubation period of AIDS, some up to 10-20 years, in this long process of latent infected carriers of the virus plays a role of the source of infection of the spread of AIDS, AIDS formation process can be divided into four phases.

    1. Incubation period (asymptomatic HIV)

    For HIV to enter the body to survive, adapt, breeding stage, does not occur to any detectable symptoms, normal laboratory, three months Hou Yizi antibody becomes positive, about 10% of patients can be converted to lymphadenopathy period.

    2. The HIV sexual bubonic period

    HIV has begun to violations of lymph nodes does not go away, and continued for more than three months, the general course of the three months in four years, the symptoms: swollen lymph glands (there are at least three: the groin, neck, armpit), hard movable, often the symmetry without tenderness, biopsy for benign reaction or hyperplasia. No other clinical signs or only “fatigue, fever, night sweats, micro-thin, slight diarrhea symptoms of in a mild immune deficiency, 10% of the cases into HIV-related syndrome.

    3. AIDS-related syndrome (ARC)

    Human vulnerability to HIV infection, clinical symptoms have occurred. The general course of 1-3 years, their work life, physical health status has been affected and require hospitalization. 10% body weight loss weight loss, diarrhea for more than one month, more than a month of fever (> 38 ℃), splenomegaly, the oral leukoplakia sleepiness, night sweat, sebum dermatitis, laboratory abnormalities: lymphopenia little less platelets, anemia, 25% patient into severe AIDS.

    4. Severe HIV

    General course of 1.5-2.5 years, the first symptom is often fever (usually 38 ° C), accompanied by sweating, chills, etc.; extreme fatigue; emaciation: 4kg weight deceleration light 10% weight loss within 2 months; lymphadenopathy, lasting more than three months, at least three, can be a pain; thrush; persistent diarrhea for more than a week; cough, shortness of breath; rash, skin spotted, plaques, purple, bleeding, easy bruises or minor injuries bleeding ; headache, neck hard, muscle pain, numbness, limb weakness, depression, delusions, paranoia. In addition, further complicated by a variety of red bacteria, viruses, parasitic infections and various tumors. Patients with specialized agencies as soon as possible to check for the correct diagnosis and treatment.