Keywords: AIDS rash
        Most AIDS patients susceptible to a variety of skin and mucous membrane infections; most common oral mucosal candidiasis, manifested as white spots on the tongue and buccal mucosa, often appears on a red base, the infection is asymptomatic, can also be disseminated to oropharynx, or esophagus, causing severe dysphagia, a common infection of the oral mucosa is recurrent simple herpes stomatitis, lesions often relapse, long-term sustainability, common involving the lips and pharynx. Reported in the literature, the first performance AIDS, severe chronic ulcerative perianal herpes simplex lesions, also increased the incidence of zoster chickenpox rash in AIDS patients, herpes zoster often sow to several cutaneous nerve area; warts is another common skin virus infection, homosexuals suffering from AIDS, genital warts occur around the anus, such a disease more stubborn, difficult to treat fungal skin infection is a common problem of AIDS, groin and perianal Candida infection is sometimes very severe onychomycosis caused by Candida or Trichophyton common; certain non-infectious skin disease is also common in AIDS patients, drug addiction AIDS patients, there may be multiple scars and repeated injections ulcers caused, can also be seen purpura. In addition, the occurrence of seborrheic dermatitis in AIDS patients are also more common in the patient’s scalp, face, ears, chest and more seen in the genital showed erythematous, the hyperkeratotic scaly patches. Usually in the face was the butterfly distribution, and its cause is still unknown. Also associated with the occurrence of malignant tumors: Kaposi’s sarcoma sub lymphoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, melanoma.