Keywords: AIDS diagnostic criteria

        1. HIV antibody positive, and having any of those, you can experiment confirmed AIDS patients.

    (1) in the near future (3-6 months) weight loss of 10% or more and continuous fever up to 38 ℃ for more than a month;

    (2) in the near future (3-6 months) weight loss of 10% or more (up to 3-5 times a day) and continuous diarrhea for more than one month.

    (3) Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCR)

    Kaposi’s sarcoma (4) KS.

    (5) The fungal pathogenic infection or other conditions.

    2. Antibody positive weight loss, fever, diarrhea close above one can experiment confirmed AIDS patients.

    (1) the ratio of CD4/CD8 (auxiliary / inhibition) lymphocyte count ratio <1, CD4 cell count decline;

    (2) lymphadenopathy;

    (3) significant space-occupying lesions of the central nervous system of signs and symptoms of dementia, figuring incapacity, or motor nerve dysfunction.
        Need to identify with the following diseases:

    A primary immunodeficiency disease.

    Secondary immunodeficiency disease, the secondary immune disease of corticosteroids, chemotherapy, radiotherapy caused or malignancy.

    Idiopathic CD4 + T lymphopenia, exactly like AIDS, but HIV infection.

    Autoimmune diseases: connective tissue diseases, blood diseases, AIDS, fever, weight loss and the need to identify with the disease.

    Lymph nodes diseases: KS, Hodgkin’s disease, lymphoma, a blood disease.

    Pseudo-AIDS syndrome: AIDS phobia, seen in the British gay group of neurological symptoms similar to the early symptoms of AIDS.

    , Central nervous system disease: brain damage can be caused by AIDS or other reasons, need to be identified.