Keywords: AIDS symptoms

        What is the acute symptoms?

    Acute infection occurred at 2-6 weeks after infection, mainly for flu-like symptoms, fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, rash, lymphadenopathy, and some, like mononucleosis levy. 10% of the symptoms of meningitis, mononucleosis cerebrospinal fluid protein moderately increased. Some patients with mild symptoms of this period, and often easy to overlook. Generally lasts 2-14 days, then the majority of the patients into the asymptomatic period, some patients sustained fever, swollen lymph nodes, weight loss. Normal blood normal or slightly elevated blood cells, lymphocytes decreased HIV antigen in the blood, but serum HIV antibody positive time delay, generally 2-6 weeks after infection.

        The start and duration of acute symptoms

    One-third to two-thirds of the people in the two to six weeks after infection, acute symptoms such as flu-like, such as headache, fever, body pain are symptoms lasted for two days to two weeks can be self-limiting.

        Lymph nodes

    The normal adult inguinal, submandibular many can touch and lymph nodes, its texture is soft, smooth surface, no tenderness, can slide soybeans size. Each place is generally not more than 2-3. Swollen lymph node diameter of more than 1cm hard, general tenderness. Some people will appear in the acute phase of infection the lymph nodes phenomenon, generally more than two, multiple pillow, ears, armpits, sides of neck, etc..

        Low-grade fever and body temperature measurement

    Each person’s normal body temperature is slightly different, but generally thirty six degrees for about 37 degrees, and low-grade fever can not look at 37 degrees or 38 degrees, the body temperature higher than normal body temperature zero point 3 to 0.6 degrees can be regarded as a low grade fever. Body temperature measured at the same time in different seasons or different day time, there may be small differences. Another but also pay attention to the time when the body temperature and method: the person’s normal body temperature is preferably in the morning, still in bed, even the toilet urinated on, measured wash Seto have not done. (Reply the following Zhuanzhai WORLDME friends) check their temperature, put the thermometer firmly thrown a few, put it in front of head to watch as see the inside of the mercury column can be slightly turned by hand thermometer, you can see the inside off-white mercury column, when flung 35 before use. Mercury one on the mouth or clamped in the armpit (armpit if any, Khan first dry), stop for five to six minutes (about smoke half a bag of smoke effort) taken out of view. Do not be nervous when you are removing, longer lashes, the mercury column will not change due to changes in the outside temperature. The normal human body temperature is about 37 degrees, low axillary temperature is higher than oral temperature of 0.3 to 0.5 degrees higher than oral temperature of 37.3 degrees is a fever. 37.4 to 38 is a low-grade fever of 38 to 39 degrees is a moderate fever, 39 to 41 degrees is a fever, for ultra high fever above 41 degrees. The body temperature is the body’s alarm bell, elevated body temperature shows that the body has changed. Low-grade fever and moderate fever, do not immediately use antipyretics to ask the doctor to ascertain the reasons for burning, remove the cause, where he died heal. High heat and ultra-high heat, take immediate physical cooling and speed to please the doctors.

        About sweats

    Beyond normal physiological sweating (ie, high temperature or high-temperature operation, strenuous labor or transported, clothing is too thick, more emotional sweating, sweating fewer low temperatures), abnormal perspiration or sweat closed, said sweating abnormalities. After sweating time, the amount of sweat and the perspiration characteristics of the different, can be divided into the following categories: during the day due to labor, the sun, thick clothing or fever and sweat from out called “spontaneous"; falling asleep at night unconsciously sweating, wake up after Khan ended, known as “night sweats"; sweating accompanied by chills, cold extremities, referred to as “cold sweat"; critical condition, more than dripping sweat, such as beads, such as oil, called “sweat off", also known as “absolutely Khan"; sweating is accompanied by fever, called “Rehan"; only the head and forehead sweat and body sweat-free, referred to as “the amount of sweat; palms, soles of the feet local frequent sweating and body sweat-free, said “dysphoria Khan"; hemi-body sweating, or to the left or right side, or the upper body or lower body, called “bust sweating"; considered normal sweating The anti-Khan said Khan closed. Sweating abnormalities and yang transpiration of body fluid and Wei Yang Division porokeratosis opening and closing dysfunction related. Invasion of evil heat, partial Kang yang or yin deficiency heat forced Tianjin leakage; Wei Yang is not solid, gas tiger grabbing body fluid can lead to pathological sweating too much. Conversely, evil outside attack, Wei Yang repressor, or Wei Yang weakness, porokeratosis opening and closing the the Division lost and closed; yang weak steaming Tianjin weakness, can make the body fluid may not be leaked and pathological Khan closed. The common sweating abnormalities in the Western disease with fever are basically the same.