Keywords: HIV-negative

    Negative test results, the counselor should carefully verify the last possible exposure to HIV, in order projections has been the “window period". If indeed the expiration of the “window period" can be determined that they are not infected, but to encourage behavioral change to and discussing possible to reduce the risk of infection. Some do not believe the negative results of repeated counseling and testing seeking consultation by the best advice they seek psychological support to the specialized agencies. If you have not crossing? Quot; window period “and then the" window period “shall conduct a review. Infected persons in the process of seroconversion, detection may be negative results, but this time has a very infectious , counselor suggested that they like infected persons to take appropriate preventive measures, and analysis of the obstacles that may be encountered in the process of behavior change along with them, and and practical help them transition behavior, to avoid infecting others and to protect themselves from other infection during a pending review, they may have all kinds of psychological problems, they should be given information about support agencies to provide follow-up support or to introduce them, so they needed to be able to get timely help.