Keywords: acute leukemia patients

    Fever is the most common symptom of leukemia patients. The heating can occur in any stage of the disease. May be fever, could be as high as above 39 ℃, and may be accompanied by chills, sweating, night sweats, weight loss, failure, and body aches and other symptoms.

    Leukemia patients causes fever for many reasons:

    Leukemia patient’s body there are a large number of leukemia cells, leukemia cells can stimulate the body to produce a range of heating substances cause the body to generate heat, this fever called tumor heat, their body temperature usually be antipyretic analgesic control.

    2 infection causes fever, normal differentiation of white blood cells can walk to the bacteria near its play phagocytosis, and then clear the bacteria. Leukemia patient leukemia cells in vivo growth inhibition of normal white blood cells, combined with the patient’s immune function and low, but also weaken the body’s antimicrobial capacity. This causes fever often foci, stomatitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and biliary tract, intestinal, urinary, perianal infection common.

    Sensitive application of antibiotics is often able to control the infection and reduce the patient’s body temperature.