Keywords: childhood leukemia

    Leukemia commonly known as blood cancer mostly occurs in children at 2-5 years of age. Although the etiology of leukemia is not very clear, but medical experts have noticed a lot of factors:

    Pregnancy smoked more than 10 cigarettes a day for pregnant women and their offspring risk of cancer increased by 50% than normal, and a doubling of the risk of suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

    Foreign experts to observe the children seriously affected by magnetic fields affect the risk of leukemia tendency.

    A greater chance of long-term exposure to the chemicals, their children suffering from leukemia. According to the results of a study of the Shanghai Cancer Institute show that the incidence of childhood leukemia in addition to taking itself chloramphenicol close contact with their parents’ long-term exposure to gasoline, toluene, kerosene, pesticides; pregnancy and exposure to these substances, the harmful substances breakthrough placental barrier and harm the fetus; the dirty overalls lactation parents in direct contact with the baby, and can also cause injury.

    The key to prevention of leukemia is to protect the children of leukemia, as well as to understand some of the early signs of leukemia, for early detection and timely treatment.

    (1) unexplained fever, anemia, bleeding, liver and spleen and lymph nodes, muscle and joint pain or tenderness of sternum gums swollen erosion Jiuzhibuyu, skin purpura, ecchymosis, epistaxis.

    (2) unexplained faculties leukocyte reduced long rule is invalid; unexplained leukocytosis, increased the proportion of monocytes.

    (3) in children with severe anemia, a significant treatment effect with corticosteroids.

    (4) unexplained increased white blood cells, especially associated with immature leukocytosis by.

    Who found that more than any of the abnormal, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, to do a comprehensive inspection.