Keywords: leukemia laboratory tests

       (1) acute leukemia:

    ① uneven degree of anemia, but the rapid progress, most leukocytosis type, often greater than 10 x 109 / L. Can be normal or reduced peripheral blood leukocyte classification immature type of white blood cells, hemoglobin is often less than 70g / L;

    ② bone marrow hyperplasia, greater than 30% of the original cells (myeloblasts type Ⅰ + Ⅱ type), there are significant proliferation of nucleated cells visible leukemia “hiatus as" a significant reduction in the erythroid, megakaryocytic system;

    ③ lysozyme staining chromosomal and immunological tests for acute leukemia diagnosis, classification has a certain significance.

    (2) chronic leukemia:

    ① white blood cell count increased, up to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of mainly middle and late immature cells, eosinophils, basophils increased red blood cells and hemoglobin decrease gradually with the progress of the disease increased platelet early, late reduce;

    (2) bone marrow were highly proliferative, roughly the same classification with blood, the original cell (Ⅰ + Ⅱ type) of less than 10% decrease in erythroid, the megakaryocytic early increase, may be associated with varying degrees of bone marrow fibrosis;

    ③ 90% or more having a specificity pH marker chromosomes.