Keywords: Children’s Oncology

    Have to say that the fact that parents’ occupations Cancer Epidemiology at home and abroad in recent years, data show that the incidence of childhood tumors.

    Childhood malignancies among the top bit leukemia incidence in many countries showed an upward trend. According to the survey, the father of the children with leukemia mostly drivers automation machinists, pharmacists, paint job and rubber, plastic processing industry jobs, they often exposure to ionizing radiation and certain chemicals (such as benzene, etc.). Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children of mothers during pregnancy and exposure to pesticides, hydrocarbons, dyes, gasoline often. The father of children with acute non-lymphocytic leukemia mostly engaged in occupational contact with plastic, metal compounds; benzene, gasoline, dye, welding aerosol, furnace aerosol have more contact with the mother during pregnancy.

    Father of nervous system tumors in children more than other types of printing, paint, appliances, smelting, they often contact the dyes, pigments, metal, electromagnetic radiation, ionizing radiations; mothers of children with exposure to chemical substances in the work environment and more. The rhabdomyoma the father of the children are mostly engaged in oil processing operations. Retinal tumor in children the father mostly the radio instruments, telephone and other electrical repairman. Liver tumor in children of mothers during pregnancy have more contact with petroleum products, dyes, welding aerosols, furnace aerosol.

    See above to know the parents’ exposure to chemical substances (including paint, petroleum products, hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, etc.), especially the mother during pregnancy, exposure to chemical substances and physical agents (electromagnetic fields, ionizing radiations), often through the placenta damage transporter, may make the development of the fetus, the child increased risk of malignancy.