Keywords: leukemia environmental pollution

    In the eve of the World Children’s Day “on November 20, by the China National Interior Decoration Association Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center and the China Children and health care for Disease Control and Prevention Guidance Center, co-sponsored by the National Urban patients with childhood leukemia indoor environmental pollution detection survey and research work was officially launched today.

    In recent years, indoor environmental awareness continues to improve, more and more attention to child health damage caused by indoor environmental pollution. Indoor environmental pollution caused by the problem of childhood leukemia, has attracted the attention of experts. With the improvement of people’s living standards, according to event organizer China Indoor Decoration Association Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center Song Guangsheng, director of indoor environmental pollution problems caused due to interior decoration and furniture has aroused the concern of the whole society, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao had issued a directive: the relationship between the health of residents in this matter, should pay attention to. Since then, the state has released the indoor environment standards.

    According to reports, to conduct this campaign of urban children under the age of 14 leukemia patients nationwide free family indoor environmental pollution detection. Focuses on the detection of leukemia caused by environmental factors, and fill out a detailed questionnaire, in accordance with national standards testing in the indoor environment of chemical and radioactive pollution, in order to provide guidance centers of child health care for Disease Control and Prevention experts summarize and research, which scientific evaluation of the relationship between indoor environmental pollution and children’s blood diseases, not only the children with leukemia to understand his own family’s indoor environment pollution, and can provide a scientific basis to prevent the damage of the indoor environment pollution on children’s health. The data will be released on June 1 next year.

    It is reported that China is currently the hospital for treatment of leukemia in children with about 3,500 people left and right.