Keywords: leukemia

    Leukemia areas of is a TCM acute labor etiology and pathogenesis of toxic hot the injured blood, and bone marrow invasion cause vaginal injury blood consumption, symptoms of fever, pain, bleeding, anemia. Bone marrow immature cells in the laboratory can be found higher up to 50-90%, the severity ranging. Peripheral blood and the presence of a large number of immature cells. Chemotherapy as the main treatment, but its side effects, clinical easy to relapse, and the cost is higher, ordinary people unbearable, causing a lot of mental burden to patients seeking treatment. Look at the situation and treatment failure, relapse rate, which has become a major problem.

    From another angle to look at this disease, that the differentiation of immature cells from a sense that there is a certain sense of progress. Generate naive and normal white blood cell elements derived from similar stem cells or progenitor cells. Only in transformed into mature leukocytes occurs midway variation. Why the brain would indicate such a large number of myeloid stem cell release and transformation? Its intention is probably some kind of pathology of the body to produce a potential threat, and want to make up as soon as possible into mature white blood cells to resist alien evil fills. White blood cells as the body’s defense system, which is an indisputable fact. The cell variants transformation analysis from multiple angles. First, the potential pathological threat did not come from the body (which may be derived from a variety of external contamination or virus, and the cause of the normal white blood cells and the lymphatic system simply can not resist). The brain is another disease-resistant cells, a variety of factors inherent in the human body but can not change in the quest for differentiation. (Genetic, biological clock ——) and cause the cells to mutate, and thus play a negative role. Intrinsic function division of disorder, brain Command Division lost, and therefore should find a breakthrough in the pituitary gland and sympathetic autonomic neuropathy, Chinese medicine, renal bone, bone marrow, marrow through the brain. Then the differentiation of naive cells whether it can be said is the deepest levels of the central nervous system of mandatory obstacles? I think we can. Years of clinical career, seen countless blood patients, there is a strange question I pondered for years, is the incidence of patients most IQ and astute than ordinary people, especially children, is staggering. This disease may somehow implicated in the brain, so think about this disease, for reference.
    Speaking from a therapeutic point of view, eliminate the potential threat of pathological when, as an important means of treatment, TCM is precisely from here has been recognized. Treatment to proceed from the brain, soft Tianma, West yellow antelope horn, Uncaria expelling wind brain drugs received good results. Sense and the means used to prevent brain white intrathecal chemotherapy said exactly coincide. This is also the traditional Chinese medicine to the treatment of blood diseases fundamentally intrinsic performance.

    Speaking, poison thermal injury of blood from the etiology and pathogenesis of disease fundamentally, it can be said that is the the “carcinoid reaction hypothesis", the Yinkui blood consumption is only its external manifestations. Each different periods of its clinical findings of fever, anemia, bleeding, infection, high naive cells is their disease manifestations., It can be said that the carcinoid pathological reaction. Therefore the in medicine Qing the brain Qufeng, Qingrejiedu, circulation Sanjie, Liangxue, Yin and as one, and combine heat detoxification among blending circulation in the cooling blood, fully embodies the basic rules of governance of Chinese Medicine of the disease. Evils fundamentally clear on the body, born to drug-free, from the evil nothing, its potential Evils disappear, not in the differentiation of naive cells, natural healing diseases.

    Numerous cases of acute and chronic leukemia patients we have treated with this therapy, repeated use of repeated experience, especially for the side effects of chemotherapy or relapsed, high fever, bleeding than other dangerous symptoms, usually within a few days can be hot back blood ended. Special introduction to some experience for everyone, right when a health advocacy. Patients may be invalid or failed other therapies, may wish to return to nature, the use of Chinese medicine to treat leukemia.