Keywords: blood disease prevention

        Prevention of blood diseases can be divided into internal and external causes two aspects:

        Precluded refers to strengthen their immunity. Traditional Chinese medicine, the human immune system that the body’s resistance to disease is called “righteousness" and that the gas can be defensive the exogenous evils violated, can invade the human body Evils fight the righteousness defense weakened, evils easily invade the body Erzhi disease, vital qi, evil can not be dry “," evil Minato, the gas will empty “.

        Human immune enhancement, one by enhanced physique through daily physical exercise, such as qigong, tai chi, running, climbing and other sports, so physical, strong physical health, enhance disease resistance; second by optimism, positive attitude to life. Excessive air born diseases “means that negative emotions are the root causes of disease, in that case, it is necessary to learn in the day-to-day life in the mood calm and exclude trouble, avoid excessive Xibei, panic, anger and other emotions excited body organs injury.

        External causes formation of blood diseases, modern medicine, environmental pollution, nuclear radiation, inappropriate medication, unknown viruses, leukemia virus can exist in a variety of normal animals, and can be inherited from generation to generation down, it has the potential to cause disease event outside predisposing factors can be sick. Chinese medicine also believes that the leukemia Yun poison in the body under physiological disorders, external factors induced complications. Of the four factors, in particular damage to the blood and viscera of the drug can induce blood disease.

        Understanding of the formation of blood diseases within and outside factors, people will find ways of prevention, external factors to try to avoid, away from pollution sources, involuntary medication; due regard to regulate emotions, conditioning life for themselves and their families to create “ordinary music Pinganshifu good mentality and living environment.