Keywords: leukemia chemotherapy

    Leukemia patients during chemotherapy should pay attention to the following points:

    (1) diet, chemotherapy-induced gastrointestinal reactions predispose patients during this period decreased appetite, decreased appetite, but in order to maintain the necessary physical and nutrition, patients should be as rich in vitamins and high-value proteins intake food. Do not eat spicy, cold, hard metamorphic food, fresh fruits should be washed and peeled before eating.

    (2) pay attention to personal hygiene, before meals and after hand-washing, to prevent the disease from the mouth in the case of very low resistance people.

    (3) maintaining smooth stool after Bath in order to maintain the local clean as much as possible. For hemorrhoids or constipation can be routinely use of hemorrhoids Titanoreine and laxative.

    (4) reduce the contact with the outside world. Reduce unnecessary visits. In case of the environment or people around the cold “patients should wear masks to reduce the opportunities for cross-infection.

    (5) the patient’s room or ward should not be placed too many flowers, in particular, should avoid to put flower pots, which can be reduced with flowers or soil mold spores, bacteria and other infections caused.

    (6) as far as possible with hard objects ear or teeth, to prevent local damage and lead to infection.