Keywords: leukemia virus infection

    In recent years, many experts believe that the medical profession, unknown viral infection is one of the important reasons for children suffering from leukemia. British scientists recently published report said the researchers set Lan Islands residents leukemia survey of Scotland after the local during World War II born proportion of children suffering from leukemia is much higher than the average of Scotland. Experts believe that this is likely to be stationed during World War II caused by unknown virus carried by British soldiers of the Shetland Islands to-child transmission.

    The study by Oxford University professor of medicine, infectious cause leukemia theory founder Leo Professor Jin Lai presided. The experts will be tens of thousands during World War II were born or lived in the Shetland Islands, the proportion of people suffering from leukemia and to compare the proportion of local World War II the proportion of children born in this disease as well as residents of Scotland this disease. The results show that the proportion of local sick children during World War II is four times the average of Scotland, after the end of World War II, the local children’s leukemia incidence dropped to the same level as the other regions.

    After the start of World War II, in order to prepare for the German attack, the significant increase in the number of British troops stationed in the region of the Shetland, soldiers from all over the country, after the end of World War II, most of the troops stationed along evacuation. In Scotland was the biggest change is set too. Therefore, the increase in sick children should be closely related to this.

    Kim Levin said in the report: “We think the most plausible explanation for this phenomenon is that the servicemen stationed during World War II to the Shetland Islands, carrying the unknown source of infection induced leukemia, is likely to be a virus The significant increase in the proportion of infected local children suffering from leukemia. “

    The survey also found that some places, before the rising incidence of childhood leukemia is accompanied by the phenomenon of mixed with the native population and the locals. This shows that infection plays a very important role in the issue of children suffering from leukemia. It is likely Following genetic factors, leading to the second largest cause of children suffering from leukemia.

    Another study found that of the 119,500 children born in Cumbria in 1969-1989, Cumbria childhood leukemia patients, about half of the cases brought by mobile populations may be associated with a virus not yet know the source of infection.

    Dickinson said: “Our research shows that the mixed population proportion of floating population in the community is higher than average, likely to go to children suffering from leukemia. Regardless of the child’s parents the new Migration or locals, if the child is born in the population mix C of areas of high risk of illness. “

    Experts are trying to find the mysterious source of infection. Once identify the source of infection, capable of producing a vaccine effective prevention of infection-related leukemia.