Keywords: leukemia lumbar puncture

    Leukemia patients lumbar puncture the purpose of:

    (1) diagnosis of cerebrospinal fluid by lumbar puncture examination to confirm whether patients with central nervous system leukemia.

    (2) the treatment needs to be there – kind of a natural tissue barrier between the blood vessels and meninges – the blood-brain barrier, resulting in the given systemic boil in the most Endovascular drugs, it is difficult to pass freely through this barrier and in cerebrospinal fluid to achieve effective therapeutic concentrations, and thus become the sanctuary and recurrence of the root causes of the leukemia cells of the central nervous system.

    Therefore, the performance of patients with no obvious brain white “, need routine preventive give intrathecal of boils. Clear the merger brain white “should even be on a regular basis lumbar puncture, intrathecal chemotherapy drugs.