Keywords: leukemia

        Leukemia is a malignant cancer of the hematopoietic system, usually people “leukemia", its main clinical symptoms of anemia, fever, bleeding, liver and spleen, and lymph nodes different degrees of enlargement; peripheral blood leukocytes increase or decrease, and often immature white blood cells appear. The cause of leukemia have so far not entirely clear, but it has been found that the occurrence of leukemia may be related to the following factors: ① radiation; ② certain drugs or chemicals; ③ C virus; ④ genetic factors.

    As with other cancers, like leukemia, although it can not be completely prevented, but a number of risk factors, is also able to achieve relatively prevention.

    First of all, do not too much exposure to X-rays and other harmful radiation. Personnel engaged in radiation work to do personal protection, strengthening preventive measures. Infants and young children and pregnant women are more sensitive to radiation, vulnerable women during pregnancy to avoid exposure to excessive radiation, a higher incidence of leukemia or the fetus. But occasionally, medical x-ray examination, the dose is small, basically will not impact on the body.

    Secondly, do not abuse drugs. Be careful in the use of chloramphenicol, cytotoxic anticancer drugs, immunosuppressants and other drugs, must have the guidance of a doctor, and not to long-term use or abuse.

    Third, it is necessary to reduce the contact of benzene chronic benzene poisoning damage the body’s hematopoietic system caused by the human leukocyte reduction in the number of platelets induced leukemia. Engaged in the benzene chemical raw materials production workers must pay attention to strengthen labor protection.