Keywords: leukemia etiology

    The etiology of acute leukemia virus infection, chemical factors, ionizing radiation, and other factors related to:

    1, studies suggest leukemia virus infection over the past decade is likely to be caused by a virus. Caused by a virus of birds, mice, rats, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, cattle, pigs, monkeys leukemia addition, C-type RNA tumor viruses and the etiology of human leukemia.

    2, ionizing radiation in Hiroshima, Japan, was significantly higher incidence of leukemia in Nagasaki after the atomic bomb. From nearer the center of the explosion, the higher the incidence. In addition, local high-dose radiation therapy in rheumatoid ankylosing spondylitis, the incidence of leukemia in the treatment group compared with the control group was 10 times higher, and the incidence is closely related to radiation dose. Some countries reported radiologists suffering from leukemia.

    3, chemical factors of certain chemicals, such as benzene and chloramphenicol by damage to the bone marrow, can also be induced leukemia. Acute leukemia with oral chlorine neomycin (collectively) may be relevant. There are other aminopyrine sulfa drug, phenylbutazone, 223, dimethoate.

    4, genetic factors literature reported congenital dementia-like yu occurrence of leukemia compared with normal children is 15-20 times higher; other chromosomal abnormalities associated with congenital disorders such as Bloom syndrome, Fanconi syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome in patients with leukemia The incidence rates were higher. There are a small number of familial and congenital leukemia.