Keywords: class leukemia leukemia

    The body react with certain diseases or external stimuli, may show a significant increase in peripheral blood leukocytes, and at the same time, there may be a naive cells, a phenomenon known as leukemoid reaction. Class different leukemia with leukemia that: leukemoid leukocytes did not change with tumor characteristics, and the presence of certain diseases incentives leukemoid reaction that disappeared after removal of the incentives to change of the moment, and accordingly does not difficult to identify with leukemia. But in individual cases, in addition to white blood cells have obvious changes, the bone marrow shows an increase in the original grain and the proportion of promyelocytic resembles acute leukemia. Class leukemia, red blood cells, platelets should not affected; further also cell immunophenotyping and chromosomal analysis means with leukemia differentiated.