Keywords: leukemia

    The leukocytosis blood characteristics of this disease, the most prominent finding small lymphocytosis, white blood cell count is mostly in the 15 ~ 50 × 109 / L, few can be more than 100 × 109 / L. Early, small lymphocytes accounting for 65% ~ 75% of the leukocyte, late 90% to 98%, and its morphology and normal small lymphocytes difficult to distinguish. Neutrophils and other normal leukocytes were significantly reduced. Early, anemia may be absent, then gradually increased, the late anemia can be very serious, reticulocytes, increased serum bilirubin. The late platelet count often reduced. Bone marrow: early leukemia cells only appear in a small number of bone marrow cavity, therefore, early bone marrow did not change significantly; late normal bone marrow cells are almost all mature lymphocytes instead of only 5, the original lymphocytes and immature lymphocytes % ~ 10%. In addition, 50% of cases there is a decrease in gamma globulin; 10% to 20% of patients have autoantibodies; 30% of patients with hyperuricemia.