Keywords: breast-leukemia

    Two large case-control study showed that breastfeeding 15% of childhood leukemia can be prevented.

    Epidemiologists examined breastfeeding infants of acute childhood leukemia. Research team the following pediatric cases and their match comparison: 1744, aged 1 to 14 years old with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients and 1,879 healthy controls were compared, will be 456 age controls to 18-year-old with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients and 539 control subjects were compared.

    The researchers conducted a survey interview. The mother nurtured situation of these children All leukemia combined history of type immune phenotype, morphology and AML, ALL, and diagnosed as leukemia age analysis of these data.

    The researchers believe that the decline in breastfeeding infants with various types of childhood acute leukemia risk by 21%, and reduce the risk of ALL and AML.

    Although the multi-center study proposed that breastfeeding may have a protective mechanism, but researchers are required to conduct in-depth research to further confirm these Institute see.