Keywords: urinary tract infection

        Because the female urethra is relatively wide and straight, just four centimeters long, open and close proximity to the vagina and anus, these places often secretions and excretions, easily contaminate the urethra, the bacteria easily upstream along the urethra and cause infection.

        Ureter to grow after pregnancy thickening, because of the pregnancy hormone, wall smooth muscle relaxation, peristalsis reduce weakened. To the third trimester, the enlargement of the uterus oppression bladder and ureter, these will result in poor urine flow and urinary retention. Retention of urine not only stimulate the mucosa of the urinary tract, but also easy to make bacteria and Beauty Health. Pregnancy increased urine glucose, amino acids and other nutrients, which is a favorable condition for bacterial growth.

        For these reasons, the third trimester women are prone to urinary tract infections. During pregnancy if taken some measures to address these factors, will be able to reduce and prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infection in the third trimester. Pay special attention to maintain the cleanliness of the genitals, lateral position to be taken to bed, to relieve the pressure on the ureter, urinary flow unobstructed. In addition to strengthening nutrition, enhance physical fitness is also very important.

        In the event of a urinary infection should be prescribed by a doctor, aggressive treatment. If not treated early, is not complete, and often can aggravate or cause delayed healing.