Keywords: healthy urine color

    Urine our body loop “scavenger", and the composition is 95% water and 5% of the metabolites, some diseases can be manifested from the color of the urine.

    1. Transparent with a light lemon: healthy urine color is as clear as possible. Urine becomes clear need to drink plenty of water if you adhere to drink 8 glasses of water a day, your urine should present healthy color (water can be obtained from tea, fruits, and vegetables).

    2. Dandelion yellow: you may just get up the color of urine throughout the night are usually accumulate in the kidneys. Plus a night of sleep because of the urine produced by the kidneys in the night is relatively small, so that the body is in a relatively dehydrated state, the morning urine darker in color, odor and relatively heavy. These are normal. Generally you drink water, the next color and smell of urine will be improved.

    3. Orange: too much vitamin B overdose of vitamin B can cause urine samples showed orange urine. The urine will reduce the dose of vitamins turned clear. The doctor’s advice if you get used to taking vitamin B tablets, the daily dosage is best not to over one.

    4. Ruby: to eat beetroot or carrots with natural pigments of fruits and vegetables, such as beetroot, raspberries and carrots will make your urine red. But this is only a temporary phenomenon, drink a few glasses of water will gradually be restored.

    5. Yellow with red: go to the hospital to check

    If not in the menstrual period, with red urine, it is likely that the symptoms of urinary tract infection. If the color of the urine is not only red, also accompanied by a heavy smell, or urinating pain, it probably is a urinary tract infection, or cystitis, you need to go to the hospital to seek medical help immediately.