Keywords: urethra stomatitis

    Compared to the man’s genitals and female genital anatomy of the male genitalia advantage. In general, men’s genitals infection extremely virulence of pathogens such as gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis and other pathogens, the man was infected with pathogens in general is not easy incidence. Example: man infected with mold caused woman vaginitis, the Trichomonas often without any discomfort performance.

    When a man appeared and prolonged healing inflammation of the urethra, often on behalf of his disease resistance also declined. Which is often seen in physical weakness, do not like sports man or body other diseases lead to decreased disease resistance or high frequency of sexual life, cause genital long congestive state, and so on. At this time, the inflammation of the body’s ability to repair poor area of ​​inflammation in the urethra has not been completely restored, will occur after patients most commonly described alcoholism .. the fatigue after .. sex life .. lack of rest … " The decline in overall disease resistance, recurrent symptoms, not cure.

    In general, men infected cause fungal woman vaginitis, trichomoniasis often do not have any discomfort performance. However, when the poor man’s physique, decreased disease resistance, mold, trichomoniasis is likely to cause the man’s urethra inflammation. Vast majority of antibiotics molds, trichomoniasis is not valid, the use of antibiotics is the only downside, no good. So there is a “… use a lot of antibiotics have no effect …".

    That such patients should be how to do?

    First of all, of course, is to conditioning your body:

    Multi-sport workout, especially for the movement of the lower abdomen exercise (sit-ups, squat stand, etc.), to improve the blood circulation of the body, especially the lower abdomen, improve the body’s resistance to disease and ability to repair itself. Lifestyle to have rules, restful sleep time should be sufficient, no alcohol, sex life is not sex be used sparingly, and often do not cause genital congestion state.

    Second, is to figure out the pathogen to cure diseases. In this case needs to go to the hospital to be checked, urethral discharge test mold or trichomoniasis, and that, of course, is the use of targeted drug therapy.

    For some patients do not want to go to the hospital to check recommended:

    1, so that your sexual partner to go to the hospital to check whether fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis. If she has such vaginitis, with doctors open to her the gynecological cleaning liquid washing genitals, urethra, after the doctor gave her vaginal suppositories open water after cleaning applied externally on the genitalia, urethra.

    2, or, to go to the pharmacy to buy Fuyinjie or Jieeryin, “gynecological cleaning fluid, diluted in accordance with the instructions on the method Soak the genitals, a glans 5-10 minutes. If not very serious fungus, trichomonas infection, such cleaning fluid kill these pathogens role.

    In general, after the body conditioning and 1-2 weeks of treatment, the disease will be cured. If the results are bad, that the only choice is to go to a hospital for examination and treatment of the credible, reliable only.