Keywords: gastroscopy

        Q: Why the doctor suggested that I do a gastroscopy?

        A: The patient came to the doctor because of stomach pain, but a variety of reasons cause stomach pain. Stomach pain is not necessarily a gastric ulcer, conversely, never hurt a lot of gastric ulcer patients. There is still a patient consciously stomach pain, but the fact is gallstones, pancreatitis, duodenal ulcer, functional dyspepsia, and even stomach cancer, the different treatment of these diseases, so it is necessary to establish the diagnosis by gastroscopy.

        Q: gastroscopy look like?

        A: gastroscopy is a little thicker than a ballpoint pen hose, about one meter long. Front-end flash in order to illuminate the internal organs, and another one followed by a host together on TV screen, allows physicians clearly observed within the gastrointestinal tract.

        Q: I heard to do gastroscopy very painful?

        A: The rumors stop wise. Simply did not make many legends the gastroscope is very painful gastroscope. The stomach was actually a hose, so it will not hurt. But because touching the throat, there will be a vomiting reflex, gastroscopy most uncomfortable place it. But there are ways to overcome it, is in oropharyngeal spray a local anesthetic before doing endoscopy, bitter taste, but the entire oropharyngeal become dull numbness, more reflective. This throat vomiting reflex, more obvious among young people as well as a very nervous patient, in addition to the above methods, but also by deep breathing to slow it.

        Q: What is the process of endoscopy?

        A: need a shot first before doing endoscopy intramuscular injection to slow gastric motility, and then sprayed in the oropharynx at the local anesthetic, and drink a potion ready. To do when the nurse will ask the patient to lie down, the mouth opening biting mouthparts, gastroscopy check from 81.3.

        Q: how long gastroscopy to do?

        A: usually quickly. Check before the preparation is not entering the mouth from the beginning, about three to five minutes to complete. For slices, you need to spend more time.

        Q: When should I do a slice?

        A: When a doctor suspected cancer or H. pylori infection.

        Q: I heard that doing the gastroscope can not eat?

        A: If the next day to do endoscopy, the day before midnight do not eat anything after. Just finished gastroscopy within an hour, do not eat anything.

        Q: I have considered for a long time or not according to the gastroscope, there is no other way to check my stomach?

        A: Yes. This check is called the upper gastrointestinal series, is to drink a barium developing, and then, according to a series of X-rays. Its disadvantage is to be exposed to radiation, for the diagnosis of gastric inflammation force is also poor.

        Q: a gastroscopy will not infection to a patient’s disease behind?

        Answer: no. This issue is also a concern of the gastrointestinal specialist in digestive Medical Association meeting often sparked controversy. Gastroscope cleaning between the two patient study confirmed long as they meet the Medical Association recognized the ROC digestive endoscopy disinfection procedures, including hepatitis B, AIDS, tuberculosis, Helicobacter pylori and other diseases are not transmitted to the following people.