Keywords: diagnosis of gastric cancer

    Gastric cancer in China is one of the common cancer. Accounted for digestive cancer, cancer incidence rates have increased in recent years, about 70% of patients in the age of onset is between the ages of 40-60.

          Cause gastric incentives, such as: the geographical environment, pollution of air, water, geology, regular contact with certain chemicals, smoking habits and eating habits; intake of salt too much food (especially salted fish) in the incidence of gastric cancer occupies an important position; addition to gender, age, blood type (it has been reported that a higher incidence of type A),; There are some diseases, such as: gastric polyps, gastric ulcer, chronic atrophic gastritis and pernicious anemia may evolve into gastric cancer ; reported Helicobacter pylori infection and gastric cancer originating.

          Gastric cancer can occur in the stomach at any part of the early often lack the characteristic symptoms or only some of the non-specific digestive symptoms. Advanced gastric cancer have a significant weight loss, anemia, loss of appetite, abdominal mass and left supraclavicular fossa lymph nodes and other performance.

          The diagnosis is generally not very difficult to be seen in peripheral blood pigment, fecal occult blood, gastrointestinal X-ray visible cancer Kanying. At this time the clinical treatment has been a period of late, poor effect. Early gastric cancer after surgery, five-year survival rate of 90%, the prognosis is good, so it is important to improve the diagnostic rate of early gastric cancer and the treatment of early gastric cancer, the survival rate is expected to be greatly extended.

          Middle-aged patients, wherever they occur, loss of appetite, epigastric discomfort and other dyspeptic symptoms should conduct a detailed inspection in a timely manner; conducting censuses and the high incidence of gastric cancer, striving to improve the diagnostic rate of early gastric cancer; gastric precancerous lesions should be followed up regularly and timely treatment to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

          Early gastric cancer (particularly depressed by) the diagnosis rate of air and barium double contrast method, greatly improved; fiber gastroscopy extensive applications, significantly improve the diagnosis rate of early gastric cancer, endoscopy can be intuitive lesions the mucosa, while the photography, flushing fluid check cancer cells, histological examination of the biopsy line can also be spray reagent solution, lesion color change advantageous in early gastric cancer discovered.

          Early diagnosis and early radical surgery for gastric cancer is the most effective treatment, after radical surgery plus medical therapy. Delay in diagnosis of advanced gastric cancer, unresectable, or even prone to complications. 1, partial and complete pyloric obstruction. 2, may be complicated by bleeding. 3, due to the cancerous tissue necrosis, ulceration due to gastric perforation.

          Affect the treatment effect of many factors, such as: age, stage of disease, histological type, but the most critical stage of disease sooner or later. Only in the early treatment, patients generally better, multiple lesions confined to the mucosal layer and submucosa, lymph node metastasis-free survival rate of 90% in the five years after surgery. So we want to prevention of pollution of the environment, air, water, geology; try not smoking, drinking, eating habits change eating salted fish, pickled cabbage (containing nitrite high); doctor immediately if symptoms take advanced inspection means favorable prevention and strive to early diagnosis.