Keywords: clinical symptoms of gastric cancer

        Early gastric cancer without any symptoms, and some may have mild indigestion, often overlooked, asymptomatic, it is difficult to blame to gastric cancer. Early gastric cancer by endoscopy found in the highest detection rate of early gastric cancer in Japan, more than 50%, gastroscope detection rate of only 15 to 20%, should be promoted gastroscopy census gastric cancer. Failure to do gastroscopy census, the further development of early gastric cancer, advanced, often poor appetite, food tasteless, satiety, anemia, abdominal pain, mainly pain discomfort, weight loss, and general weakness. Difficulty swallowing can occur when the gastric cardia gastric cancer pyloric obstruction can cause nausea, vomiting. Ulcerated carcinoma with bleeding, can cause black stools or vomiting blood. Polypoid gastric tumor growth to the gastric lumen, but rare, ulcerative gastric cancer, can be presented single or multiple marginal uplift, are more common. Such as gastric cancer metastasis to the lung or pleural effusion, cough and difficulty breathing. Transferred to the liver and peritoneal ascites. When severe persistent upper abdominal pain, and can radiate to the shoulder and back, it is often argued that the tumor penetration pancreas. The main signs of gastric abdominal mass, when tenderness is not easy to touch when the cardia, distant lymph node metastasis, the inside of the left supraclavicular palpable hard nodules can not be moved. Some patients with gastric cancer, often paraneoplastic syndrome, such as recurrent thrombophlebitis, acanthosis nigricans, skin folds, pigmentation, dermatomyositis. But some of it is the the precancerous first with paraneoplastic syndrome should be vigilant and to improve self-examination ability.