Keywords: gastritis laboratory tests

     First, the basic checks

        1. Stool occult blood test acute gastritis associated with enteritis patients, routine stool visible leukocytosis, acute gastritis, mucosal erosion bleeding fecal occult blood test was positive.

        2. Gastroscopy most patients can be diagnosed based on a history of clinical manifestations, a small number of patients with gastrointestinal bleeding rows acute gastroscopy to confirm the diagnosis.

        Second, further examination

       Serum pepsinogen, gastrin content determination.
    The diagnosis depends on emergency gastroscopy visible gastric mucosa congestion, edema, erosion, bleeding lesions. Within 24-48 hours after the bleeding stopped, especially hematemesis or melena microscopy, more than 48 hours, bleeding, erosive lesions in the gastric mucosa repair will disappear, thus losing the timing of emergency endoscopy diagnosed.
    1. Due to treatment: immediately stop or eliminate the reasons that cause acute gastritis. If you stop overeating, stop taking the drugs stimulate stomach. Caused by infection to increase with antibiotics.

    2. Proper rest, a liquid-based diet, as appropriate fluid replacement or blood transfusions to maintain nutrition.

    3. Nausea, vomiting, severe or complicated by more bleeding, temporary fasting, after symptoms start, and then by the light streaming juice, gradually increase the food intake.

    4. Symptomatic treatment: upper abdominal pain and obviously, available antispasmodic analgesic; nausea, severe vomiting, antiemetic to domperidone or metoclopramide; bleeding, with only the acid and hemostatic agents.

    5. Reduce gastric mucosal irritation and accelerate gastric mucosal repair: oral Mg-Al mixture, sucralfate or Sidel granules drugs, H2-blockers can also be applied.