Keywords: gastric cancer diagnosis

    (1) X-ray diagnosis of early gastric cancer: early gastric cancer means the tumor is confined to the mucosa or submucosa, regardless of the size of its scope or the presence or absence of lymph node metastasis. Tone line of low tension of the stomach double contrast examination combined with the fiber endoscopy found early gastric cancer has great value.

    X-ray diagnosis of advanced gastric cancer (2): the transfer line advanced gastric cancer generally pathological type are closely related. The different parts of gastric cancer and gastric cancer, special X-ray findings.

    Stomach double contrast angiography:

    1923 First Application Renduch-ray examination of the stomach double contrast tone, but due to the barium dissatisfied with coarse particles, coating, and failed to get promotion. 1937 Hampton applications dilute barium (40% to 80% of w / V) without hypotonic stomach double contrast, significant improvement in the image quality. Are still applications. The 1950 Shirakabe Yanfu to further improve and promote the double contrast detected Ⅱ c-type early gastric cancer. In 1975 Laufer published in stomach double contrast monograph discusses its imaging principle.

    CT examination:

    CT examination can show gastric cancer involving the stomach wall to the outside of the cavity and the cavity growth range Lu under near anatomical relations as well as the transfer of one day. Gastric blood metastasis can be displayed clearly on CT.

    Endoscopic diagnosis:

    Gastroscopy has very important significance for the diagnosis of gastric cancer. Can be found early gastric cancer, the identification of benign and malignant ulcers, and to determine the type and range of tumor invasion of gastric cancer, well follow-up examination of pre-cancerous lesions. Periodic gastroscopy follow-up examination and monitoring of pre-cancerous lesions in patients with a certain significance.

    Endoscopic ultrasound:

    Endoscopic ultrasound is a relatively new technology, the examiner can directly see the layers of the stomach wall and understand the whole picture of the tumor, contribute to the diagnosis and TNM staging of gastric cancer. The endoscopic ultrasound wider application of many centers in the United States, by ordinary endoscopic biopsy channel is now able to insert the ultrasound probe for clinical examination.