Keywords: prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia

    Prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia are two different diseases, but many users will lump them together, thought it was the different names of the same disease, and therefore lead to a lot of misunderstanding.

    For example: “… I go to the hospital for examination prostatitis, doctors say it is the only disease of the elderly, I was so young and not some …." I estimate that the real reason was that he go to the hospital when a slip of the tongue, check prostatic hyperplasia, the doctor will make this answer. Prostate hyperplasia also known as benign prostatic hypertrophy, is indeed a common disease of older men.

    For example, “… my father prostatic hyperplasia, my … performance prostatic hyperplasia performance?" No, normal young man does not occur prostatic hyperplasia. Prostatic hyperplasia in fact, is a senile degenerative diseases, occur only in androgen levels began to decline in the elderly.

    Obvious prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia: prostatitis is more common in young men; prostatic hyperplasia in old age will slowly appear. They appear etiology is completely different:

    , Prostatitis
    Originally, the prostate wrapped by a layer of envelope, a better anatomical structure protection pathogens in general difficult to enter the prostate causing infection, inflammation occurs. But when the “envelope barrier damage, the entry of microorganisms the prostate causing inflammation after. Prostate capsule would have to play a protective role but has become a “barrier" treatment, antibiotics into the prostate difficult enough to achieve effective bactericidal concentration. This is an important reason for the clinical prostatitis treatment more difficult.

    Well, generally what easily lead to prostate “capsule barrier damage it?

    Chronic congestive prostate prostate “capsule barrier damage! Chronic congestive prostate, telangiectasia, open the “door" for microbial invasion of the prostate, easily lead to the occurrence of prostatitis.

    What, then, is why cause chronic congestive prostate?

    Prostate chronic congestive many reasons, the most common are: lechery long-term or long-term abstinence, prolonged sitting work lead to pelvic congestion (had friends marvel: the men with pelvic?), The prostate long been oppressed.

    1, long-term indulgence or long-term abstinence:

    The prostate is a sexual organ, one of the biggest sex organ physiology characterized congestive sexual excitement. If long-term indulgence, excessive sexual intercourse or excessive masturbation, prostate repeatedly in a congestive state, the blood can not be reflux, will gradually form the prostate poor blood returning slowly emerged prostate chronic congestion, leading to prostatitis appear.

    Long-term abstinence is also harmful! Long-term abstinence, the instinctive sexual impulses of the body is not timely catharsis, genital congestion caused by sexual impulses can not be mitigated in time (response stimulate the sexual organs congestive only xieyu after to quickly ease), and can lead to chronic congestive prostate, appear prostatitis.

    2, prolonged sitting cause pelvic congestion:

    Office staff (especially IT practitioners), taxi drivers often because of work, sit for hours or even ten hours. By the effect of gravity, coupled with the body and limbs caused by poor blood circulation, poor pelvic blood return, over time, will gradually appear pelvic chronic congestive inactive for a long time. The prostate is located in the pelvic cavity, which also led to the emergence of the prostate chronic congestive.

    3, the prostate has long been oppressed:

    Perineum (the area of ​​the anus to the scrotum) surface closest to the prostate, if the bike seat is too hard, too narrow, and the oppression of the perineum, long-term down easily lead to prostatitis hyperemia.

    To cure prostatitis, if not fundamental to eliminate chronic congestive prostate reasons, is very difficult to cure prostatitis. Further, since the above-mentioned “the influence of the coated barrier", antibiotics difficult into the prostate to achieve effective antimicrobial concentrations. Treatment, it is particularly important to eliminate the fundamental causes of chronic congestive prostate!

    Second, benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate)

    The prostatic hyperplasia fact, is a degenerative disease.

    Here only simple prostatic hyperplasia pathological reasons:

    When the man is old age, the body’s androgen levels decline slowly (50 -55 years old), due to a decline in androgen levels, not enough androgen in prostate cells (called androgen target cells), the cells began to regression, a mast. Also due to the prostate constitutes a part of the urethra, prostatic hypertrophy, urethral become narrow, on dysuria, severe and even urine can not be discharged, performance urinary retention, requiring emergency catheterization.

    Should be pointed out: the extent and severity of benign prostatic hyperplasia varies from person to person, not all older men are necessary so a doctor. In fact, only a small proportion of older men in the clinical Therefore, seek medical attention. The prostatic hyperplasia many older men only mild and does not need any treatment.