Keywords: children urinary tract infections

    Children often occurrence of urinary tract infections, especially girls. Newborn baby boy, however, compared to baby girl more prone to urinary tract infections, such as urinary tract infections, cystitis and nephritis. Urinary tract infections should be treated immediately, this point is very important to prevent renal scarring, renal scarring occurs most often in children under 5 years of age who.

    Urinary tract infections are often caused by rectal bacteria invade the urethra. Bacteria sometimes spread by the blood to the urinary system. The girl’s urethra is shorter, so they are more than a boy prone to urinary tract infections. In addition, children are particularly prone to urinary tract infections with urine reflux symptoms. Last infections lead to renal scarring children are more prone to urinary tract infections.

    Children under 2 years are likely to appear symptoms of systemic infection, including: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, listlessness, irritability.

    Older children, the symptoms usually clear, including: urination will feel increasingly frequent burning sensation, frequency of urination, lower back or abdominal pain, stop the recurrence of bedwetting, bedwetting due to bleeding, urine color may be red, pink or dark, fever.

    If symptoms of urinary tract infection, parents should take the child within 24 hours to go to the hospital, the doctor may collect the urine of children with seized goods, or to ask their parents to collect. Once confirmed symptoms because the infection, the doctor will use antibiotic treatment. The condition is more severe in children to the hospital for treatment of antibiotic injections. Doctor may also check for structural abnormalities kidney scarring or urinary system in children. Some children even have to accept a special inspection of the urine reflux. Precautionary because there is often a recurrent phenomenon in children with these types of lesions, and the children may be continuous antibiotics for several years, if the doctor wants parents to collect urine samples of children with product, then he will give you a cancellation sterile container and a sticky bag (baby). Stop urinating after older children after cleaning the reproductive organs, to discharge a small amount of urine, then urine directly routed to the disinfection container to collect the middle of the urine. When children with infection, should allow him to drink a lot of water. Intake of plenty of fluids can dilute the urine, relieve pain and discomfort in urination and help expel bacteria.

    Children should be at least every four hours urinate once or before every meal or at bedtime urination. Child’s ass should go after a bowel movement, wipe thoroughly. Children should be a daily bath or a shower, and avoid the use of irritants such as soap or bubble bath, etc., have to dry thoroughly after bathing.

    Urinary tract infections often relapse, and repeated infections caused by renal scarring may make the risk of high blood pressure or kidney failure in children with an adult, so immediate treatment of urinary system diseases, and will help to avoid infection cause permanent damage to the kidneys, As the children grew older, kidney scarring Day gradient small. General urine reflux, usually before the age of 9 natural healing.