Keywords: premature ejaculation preventive care

    Male life, premature ejaculation occurs, or due to the impact of the disease, or because of psychological barriers, or heavy or light, the vast majority of premature ejaculation is acquired, it is a serious blow to a man’s self-confidence, but also affect the relationship between husband and wife harmony more, many people fall into the error of blindly “impotence". The disease can be cured, can prevent.

    How to define premature ejaculation it?

    Current medical definition of premature ejaculation is: the penis sex life has not been inserted into the vagina, or insert twitch less than 15 times, or less than 2 minutes after the insertion of ejaculation, the woman has not yet reached sexual gratification, known as premature ejaculation.

    Cause of premature ejaculation

    Mental factors: cortical excitability of the central enhanced excitability of spinal ejaculation also increased, causing premature ejaculation. Tense psychological form a habit of rapid ejaculation.

    Organic disease: such as: urethritis, prostatitis, Seminal, Fu Jing, etc. inflammatory stimuli, reduced ejaculation excited, easy erection premature ejaculation or penis frenulum induction increased during intercourse, excessive traction also cause premature ejaculation are advised to undergo surgery.

    Local irritation: the foreskin of the penis is too long underwear too tight on the head of the penis glans stimulation often occurs in premature ejaculation.

    In addition, if the constitution is poor, recovering from illness, sexual arousal and reflex ejaculation activities will decrease, and can lead to a transient premature ejaculation, stop sexual activity should reduce.

    Premature ejaculation will turn into impotence?

    Some patients began to show as premature ejaculation, there is no contact or new to the woman shortly after ejaculation, and later die erectile function. Analysis from the medical point of view, this situation often or psychological factors at play. Since the occurrence of premature ejaculation, feel satisfied, and unworthy of his wife, and feel very guilty. Some wife outpouring of discontent and ridicule, complain, virtually a huge pressure to her husband. Sexual function really been washed away in this complex state of mind, and spirit under pressure.

    If, in the event of premature ejaculation stage to receive effective treatment, strong-willed unconcerned attitude or wife does not mind, they would not have happened impotence.

    Which method to treat premature ejaculation

    Psychotherapy: premature ejaculation large part of the spiritual and psychological, special tips to remember psychological counseling: / psychological / index.html Do not underestimate the mental health to be patient psychological analysis, to take a certain approach, or implied, or transfer of, or aversion therapy, corrected some wrong sexual attitudes, to eliminate the patient’s anxiety, and thus achieve the effect of the initial treatment.

    Medication: the effect of Chinese medicine in the treatment of premature ejaculation is good, but requires that patients adhere to medication for some time before. Some Western medicine will cause drowsiness, and therefore better patient outcomes associated with insomnia, anxiety, stress and other symptoms.

    Sexual behavior therapy: sensate focus training. A should clear sex life uncoordinated both spouses to participate in the treatment helps patients understand and reduce the patient’s psychological pressure to obtain a higher efficacy.

    4. Physical therapy: lumbosacral ultrashort wave diathermy, warm bath, mineral bath can also be adjuvant therapy.

    5. Treatment of male sexual function instrument: make the penis to adapt to the internal environment of the vagina and sexual stimulation, patients with premature ejaculation ejaculation reflex threshold, reconstruction benign response of patients to return to normal sexual life of great help.

    The advantage is that:

    Safety: therapy without surgery, no injections, non-invasive, does not cause pain and discomfort to the patient.

    2. Effective: a variety of reasons such as psychological and gonorrhea, prostatitis caused premature ejaculation

    Lasting effect: the treatment of the patient follow-up time of up to one year, since the still very satisfied with the efficacy, improved quality of life.

    Satisfaction rate: by 1038 patients in the clinical cure the preliminary statistics satisfaction rate of 94%.

    How to prevent the occurrence of premature ejaculation?

    Spouses to learn the correct way to master the relevant knowledge, understanding of the physiological differences between male and female sexual response, eliminate misunderstandings, to properly grasp the need for skills in the sexual life.

    Overcome the bad habit of excessive masturbation, so that intercourse with restraint, living there often.

    Occasional premature ejaculation, the woman ought to comfort, understanding, caring man, tenderness to help the man overcome fear, nervousness, feeling of guilt, should not complain, blame the man.

    Active treatment may cause various organic diseases of premature ejaculation, fundamental to avoid the occurrence of premature ejaculation.
    5. To build a happy, healthy, harmonious family environment. Note considerate of each other between the husband and wife, with the event not ejaculate is not mutual blame and complain, but should find out why, the co-treatment.

    6, note that pre-marital sex education and guidance. Have some knowledge of sexual anatomy and sexual life, to understand and master the normal process of sexual intercourse and sexual response, sexual restraint should not be excessive, the frequency of sexual activity too, is not conducive to the release of androgen.
    7. Note should be the law of life, physical activity, such as tai chi, walking, qigong, etc. to benefit self psychosomatic health and mental adjustment.