Keywords: prevention of chronic gastritis nursed back to health

        Often said that “people eat whole grains ‘Practice makes no disease"‘ diet entrance ‘first impact is the stomach gastric mucosal blood vessels’ storage of food, digestion and shipping functions. Intake of food is a cause of stomach important factors. chronic gastritis is a very common gastrointestinal diseases’ non-specific inflammation of the gastric mucosa pathological changes’ according to the histological changes of gastric mucosa ‘can be divided into superficial, atrophic and hypertrophic. clinical, symptoms: upper abdomen Fullness’ pain frequently Heating, pantothenic acid, loss of appetite, weight loss, diarrhea embolism.

    Following ‘chronic gastritis due to dietary factors play an important role in the pathogenesis of chronic gastritis’ and therefore to develop good eating habits is the key to prevention and treatment of gastritis’ which is different from other diseases. Overall eating do to that have been cured in half.

    Should chew chewing food thoroughly can reduce rough food stimulation of the gastric mucosa.

    Second, the appropriate section of the diet should be rhythm ‘Avoid overeating and drinking no timing.

    Third, attention to food hygiene should be clean ‘put an end to the outside world against micro-organisms on the gastric mucosa.

    Fourth, should be fine as far as possible eating finer digestible, nutritious food.

    Should light Eat less fat, sweet, thick, greasy, spicy food ‘less alcohol and tea.

    For more serious chronic gastritis’ especially atrophic gastritis rely solely on the diet is not enough ‘should match the appropriate treatment of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese Medicine Research Institute in the clinical use of Chinese blood circulation prop sore treatment principle’ to blood circulation improve the blood circulation in the stomach ‘resolve stomach inflammation with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying’ with the correct diet ‘help cure chronic gastritis.