Keywords: non-gonococcal urethritis

    What non-gonococcal urethritis

    Literally speaking, non-gonococcal urethritis that exclude gonococcal urethritis, this disease called non-gonococcal urethritis, the name of the non-specific urethritis, non-specific genital infection. The disease is one of the higher prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. In Europe and the United States, the disease than gonorrhea sexually transmitted diseases. It is reported annually in the United States for the treatment of the disease for medical expenses up to $ 2 billion, showing a wide spread of this disease. Of this disease in the early 1980s, China’s incidence rate is not high, but after the 1990s, the incidence rate soared, the disease has become a hazard wider STD.
    What is the non-gonococcal urethritis pathogens

    It pathogens Chlamydia trachomatis and urealyticum (decomposition of urea mycoplasma). Chlamydia and mycoplasma pathogens not know. More diseases caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, such as trachoma, lymphogranuloma venereum Chlamydia trachomatis can be divided into 18 serotypes, different serotypes can cause different diseases. Mycoplasma is even smaller than chlamydia pathogens cause infections of the reproductive tract, can also cause pneumonia. Pathogenic microorganisms than chlamydia bacteria, larger than Mycoplasma chlamydia, mycoplasma and larger than viruses. So chlamydia and mycoplasma between ranging between bacterial and viral microorganisms.
    Male non-gonococcal urethritis performance?

    Symptoms lighter than gonorrhea, prickle or burning sensation in the urethra, occasional tingling urethra secretions, thin but more gonorrhea secretions, the secretions less amount than gonorrhea Qingxi-like or light yellow. Not urinate for a long time or early morning for the first time just before urinating escape of a small amount of secretions, sometimes only showed the crotch pollution, sometimes patients without any symptoms.

    The women had gonorrhea and non-gonococcal urethritis why obvious symptoms or no symptoms?

    When women infected with venereal pathogens, infected organs cervix, a small number of cases before infection of the urethra. The cervix is ​​infected, showing vaginitis and cervicitis, feel the leucorrhea, turn yellow and smell, these symptoms are also common symptoms of gynecological disease, is not sick, the clinical diagnosis must be responsible for the lives. Mostly go unnoticed. When the pathogen infection itself urethra cause urethritis symptoms, to reflect urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, purulent discharge and other symptoms of the urethra, then he attracted the attention of the patient. Therefore, once the girls abnormal symptoms or had a history of non-marital sexual intercourse, should go to hospital for gynecological examinations and laboratory tests. If STD pathogens, should be treated immediately. In order to avoid further infection or to chronic vaginitis and urethritis.
    What precautions in life after suffering from non-gonococcal urethritis?

    (1) exclude the anxiety, and actively cooperate with the doctor treatment.

    (2) at least two weeks before treatment and after treatment forbidden sexual intercourse such help completely cured of the disease.

    (3) treatment of the water, in order to reduce the concentration of the urine, to reduce the stimulation of the urethra.

    (4) do not drink. Drinking can aggravate the urethra of congestion, inflammation more sharply.

    What harm non-gonococcal urethritis

    Non-gonococcal urethritis symptoms gonorrhea light, but the damage is not lighter than gonorrhea. Mild symptoms, many patients have lost their best period of treatment, so very difficult to treat the symptoms of the disease, especially in women extremely slight, infected women because the symptoms are mild often no treatment, and increase the spread of this disease . The disease cause urethritis in women more than about half of the patients have complications such as endometritis, salpingitis, ectopic pregnancy, infertility and miscarriage.
    Non-gonococcal urethritis should identify which diseases?

    In the diagnosis of non-gonococcal urethritis, often need to identify with gonococcal urethritis, prostatitis. The former have been discussed in gonorrhea. The NGU is characterized by symptoms of gonorrhea for light, and the incubation period of gonorrhea for long, the secretions than gonorrhea is Qingxi. Chronic prostatitis often accompanied by discomfort of the urethra and urethra secretions, but chronic prostatitis perineal discomfort, voiding difficulty, urethra secretions of prostatic fluid.
    Cure non-gonococcal urethritis ability to have sex?

    Non-gonococcal urethritis treatment cycle, the condition anti repeatedly to cure before the patient wanted sex life. Necessary as a doctor told him not to have sex before they are cured. Because sex life treatment naught. Sex life, due to the urogenital tract of congestive pathogens accelerate breeding even further within the genital infection.
    How non-gonococcal urethritis cure?

    Due to the non-gonococcal urethritis originally symptoms that light, is even more obvious symptoms after treatment, but can not be considered to have been cured of this disease. Some patients after treatment, the doctor told him to have been cured, but patients still have some symptoms. Both cases are confusing, how to count cure it? I believe that the determination to cure the standard is neither entirely based on symptoms, can not fail to consider the patient’s symptoms. Such as laboratory tests prove that there is still no symptoms chlamydia or mycoplasma, also shows that the disease has not been brought under control. Patients with symptoms of discomfort, after at least 3 times laboratory tests that were negative, can be said to have been cured.

    After suffering from non-gonococcal urethritis should pay attention to what issues?

    During treatment ban alcohol, tiredness, staying up late life.

    Spouses party infection, the two sides should be at the same time for examination and treatment.

    Not sharing towels wash the genitals, pots with, do not mix underwear. Infants and young children in the home, To the strict items and hand disinfection, to prevent the spread by close contact.

    Sex life when the use of condoms can reduce the propagation of non-gonococcal urethritis.

    Why do non-gonococcal urethritis easily repeated?

        First, because of the long incubation period of Feilin obvious symptoms, it is often overlooked.

        Second, the non-standard medication, affect the efficacy. Many patients are diagnosed, after several days of medication, the symptoms improve or disappear, and we think that is Feilin have been cured earlier withdrawal Shortly after symptoms appeared.

        Mixed infection, increased difficult to treat Feilin. Some data indicate that chlamydial urethritis mixed infection accounted for 23.48%, Mycoplasma urethritis mixed infections accounted for 26.96%, Feilin merger gonorrhea merger candidiasis or other infected a lot of people, these diseases will lead to urethritis symptoms . If you only pay attention to the treatment Feilin, while ignoring the presence of other infections, the symptoms will not disappear completely. Once mixed infection, you need to at the same time differentiation will have a satisfactory outcome.

        4, no couples Tongzhi, caused by infection or repeated infections. In general, patients with symptoms of urethritis in men is obvious and easy to find; women lighter, easy to be overlooked. In order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, the best couples with the checks, the same treatment, in order to avoid the formation of a ping-pong transmission, drag refractory.

    How to diagnose non-gonococcal urethritis?

        The performance of non-gonococcal urethritis and gonorrhea. So, how to diagnosis of non-gonococcal urethritis? The most important is that the urethritis patients with urethral discharge smear and culture were not find Neisseria gonorrhoeae. In addition, the following points should be considered:

        1, extramarital sex or spouse history of infection, the incubation period of 1-3 weeks;

        2, the typical symptoms of urinary tract irritation, tearing, accompanied or light or heavy, urgency, dysuria dysuria male urethral mucous or mucopurulent secretions, redness urethra, vagina and vaginal discharge in women more, lower abdominal pain, cervical edema, mucopurulent secretions;

        3, urethral or cervical secretions smear Gram stain, microscopic field of 1,000 times the number of polymorphonuclear leukocytes is greater than 5.

        Exclude gonorrhea, who meet two of the above three criteria, can be diagnosed as non-gonococcal urethritis. Patients with urethritis symptoms, but no secretions check or microscope, there was no evidence of urethritis should review within seven days. 4 to 8 hours before the review does not urinate. In the review, if only to meet a standard, you should take the first paragraph of urine for urine sediment examination polymorphonuclear leukocytes in the microscopic field of 500 times greater than 15, and also to establish the diagnosis. The third criterion is more important in the clinical Sometimes other standard is not very clear and reliable, but any of the above criteria, the diagnosis can also be established.

        In areas where conditions permit, to carry out the Chlamydia antigen detection tests, Chlamydia culture, mycoplasma work, the more helpful in the diagnosis.